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Tues 9.19.2012 - 9:26 pm

Writing A "Thing"

I have a number of things I think I should do more often (And I know I should rephrase that as "Things I Want To Do More Often" - But for now, I'm going with "should", because if I really wanted to do all this stuff, I'd be doing it).

1. Act
2. Read
3. Work on playing music (harmonica, guitar, and keyboards - The list is in descending order of how well I play each instrument).
4. Exercise
5. Clean house/organize my stuff.
6. Sleep
7. Have sex
8. Socialize
9. Draw
10. Write

I think these are all worthwhile things - Of course, or why would they be on a list of "Things I Should Do More Often"? - but for the moment, I'm going to concentrate on #10.

For quite some time, I've "fallen off" on writing in here, and I've spent a lot of time bemoaning that fact, because I genuinely see it as a disturbing development vis-a-vis my perennially-shaky mental health (Emotionally, I think I'm better off keeping this journal on a regular basis than I am "letting it slide").

But mental health issues aside, lately I've gotten some "extra incentive" for getting back into it on a regular basis, and not "letting it slide" - Two "fans" of my work in here have told me I'm a really good writer, and should consider writing a book.

Not to be self-aggrandizing - because, honestly, I don't completely "get" it - but a number of people have told me that over the years (Okay, I might be exaggerating by saying "a number of people", but I seem to remember somebody else saying it once).

And I see "possibilities" more now than in the past - I am, after all, a middle-aged guy (Okay, "middle-aged-bordering-on-old-guy") who's trying to become a big-time actor, and one who's actually had some measure of success, and there could be interesting stuff there.

And of course, now I've got the whole "Middle-aged guy (Okay, "middle-aged-bordering-on-old-guy") connecting with the biological family he's never known" thing.

So there's at least some subject matter there.

And, stylistically, if I don't have a "voice" after over 30 years of doing this...I should drop "writing" from my list of "Things I Should Do More", and replace it with, I don't know, Bible-study or something.

But I don't know how I get from "here" to "there" - When it comes to capital-W "Writing", being a long-time journal writer seems like "a good beginning", like a pianist constantly practicing scales, but never playing a tune.

I don't know how one goes from this to writing an actual "thing", or after that, how one goes about making money from said "thing".

I'm extremely vague on pretty much all the details.

But for now, I think a first step might be just "to write more" - a lot more".

And try to stretch a little bit, stylistically and emotionally.

I felt myself just now wanting to compare this to acting, and something that immediately came to mind is that, with acting, I'm helping tell someone else's story, and that being the case, I have to fulfill their vision - And if I don't, I don't get to play.

Maybe it's time to check and see if I have any "vision" to share with the world.

(And if I can't always play with others, I can always play with myself...)

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