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5:16 PM - Mon 2.06.23

Thumb-Twiddling Time

Was checking my email obsessively earlier, as I've been doing for the past couple weeks, when I realized, "What am I doing? I'm booked out - It would actually suck if I got an audition today...!".

(I have jury duty this week - Didn't have to go in yesterday, but I've got four more days to go - so this is one of those rare times getting an audition would make me very unhappy, since I wouldn't be able to do it.)

So I know nothing is going to happen with acting this week (And possibly longer, if I end up serving on a jury).

And as of this writing, nothing definitive has happened with film festivals (Jane recently had an interesting communication with a film festival she's screened at previously, but I don't think either of us want to count that chicken before it's hatched).

I even had to cancel therapy this week, "just in case".

So it's kinda "thumb-twiddling time" in Jim's world.

But on a bright note, Jane R. is riding into town in about a week-and-a-half. And even if I do end up having to go in for jury duty, even if I get stuck on a case, I'll still be free evenings and weekends for whatever.

So that will be nice.

And I've been making good use of my SAG screeners - I've seen a half-dozen movies, watched the second season of The White Lotus, and am a couple episodes into the past season of Barry - and I'm very happy I'll still have my screener access when Jane gets into town (She hasn't seen The Fabelmans yet, and I only saw it the one time at the theater and am definitely up for seeing it again).

And the IndieGoGo campaign Jane created for me is going amazingly well, better than I ever imagined it would, which is gratifying - I've gone from worrying about the cost of attending film-festivals to worrying about us getting into enough film festivals to justify the money people have donated (I'm pretty sure we will - we're just getting off to a slow start - though me being me, I know I won't stop worrying about it till it's happened).

So there are reasons to be happy, and to feel grateful for my good fortune.

But I'm struggling with feeling bored and antsy - I'd like to have some good news, some things to feel excited and hopeful about.

... but right now, it's time to check in, and see if I have to go in for jury duty tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

(Till next time...)



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