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8:51 am - Monday 6.21.2010
The Ticking Clock

The Ticking Clock

Really starting to feel the clock ticking on my "vacation" - This is my last full day in Michigan - but I have to say, this has been a pretty great week.

In fact, it's been such a "pretty great week", I'm already starting to prepare myself for the "crash" of going back to LA (Trying to set up at least a couple of LA "play dates" while I'm still here in MI, to "soften the landing" a bit).

(And it would be nice if "The Business" cooperated in the landing-softening department, quickly handing me some nice auditions, and maybe even a booking or two. I think that would go a good way toward "easing the pain" of going from Lansing "Conquering Hero" back to LA "Total Zero")

So anyway, what have I done since I last wrote...?

Friday: We visited Jennifer and Jeff E. for lunch (Since I was last here, Jennifer's had twin girls, who are 11 months old now, and about as cute as cute gets).

I've had a crush on Jennifer since...well, since a couple seconds after I first met her, so no visit back would be complete without spending some time in her lovely and charming presence (She's very flirty with me, which I used to take pretty seriously; I know now it's totally meaningless...but it's still fun).

And while I can't say Jeff and I are best buds or anything, I've always thought he was a really good guy (And a great musician).

In any case, despite a major age difference, this marriage makes a lot more sense to me than her last one, where they didn't seem to have anything in common, so there you are.

In the evening, I went out with Margaret C. (aka Margaret K.) and her friend Kelly, first to Clara's, then on to the Green Door (Which are basically the two places I always want to hit when I'm here in town).

For a second, I was mildly "put out" when Margaret told me she'd invited Kelly along - I kind of thought she'd been invited as a "buffer" between us (So nothing untoward could happen) - but I had a great time.

(And for the record, Kelly is a friend/fan on Facebook, so it's not like she was invited along out of the blue, without knowing me from Adam.)

And as for anything "untoward"...well, I'm not gonna "front", as the kids say - I love Margaret to death, and can't say enough good things about her (And for the record? She looks good - really good. Honestly, I kind of hoped she wouldn't look so good, but what can you do?).

Anyway, one of "the good things" about Margaret is that she's a genuinely good person.

And I guess I'd like to think I am too (My grubby little fantasies notwithstanding).

So a lingering hug and a bit of hand-holding at the end of the evening was as "untoward" as things got.

Which I think was in the best interests of all concerned.

But a guy can dream...

On Saturday, I was back at lunch at Clara's with Kathy B. (In part because I thought I might have left my jacket there, and in part because I just really like Clara's).

I've known Kathy for a zillion years, but we really didn't become friends till after I left Lansing (An interesting phenomenon of the "Internet Age"). She's kind and smart and funny, and even though our life circumstances are very different (She's married with kids, while I...well, you know my story), we feel like "kindred spirits".

Anyway, I really enjoyed myself.

Well, there's much more to report, but I think I've probably hijacked Jane's computer long enough...


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