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11:30 pm - Fri 8.20.2010
Pulling The Trigger

Pulling The Trigger

(A lot to write about...)

I've lived in the same building for nine-plus years, The Dubarry (Moving from a tiny "bachelor" on the 2nd floor, to the spacious 1st floor "single" I've occupied the majority of my time in LA).

But looks like I may be moving in the near future.

What's prompting this big change?

Basically it's the same thing that makes me think about moving every year - the annual rent increase.

What happens is, I get a notice that the rent's going up, it makes me angry and anxious (Because, as I've become very fond of saying, "My income is not going up every year...!"), I check Craigslist and/or call six or eight apartment buildings in my immediate vicinity, decide I really can't do any better than I'm doing (And don't really want to move anyway, and can't really afford to put up the deposit and first month's rent for a new place, since I assume I won't be getting back the deposit on my current place)...and I end up staying put.

But this year, I happened to mention this yearly source of anger and angst to Bette (My therapist).

That was my mistake my good fortune - She thought I could actually do better, and specifically mentioned that another client had just moved, to a place she believed was cheaper than what I was going to be paying next month.

And had parking.

Long story short, yesterday I looked at an apartment in that building - about six blocks from where I live - left with a rental application (Which I haven't filled out yet), and have been hashing the move out in my mind ever since.

I don't want to get into all the details right now, because there's other things I want to address, and it's getting late. I'll just say that, while there are some definite trade-offs involved in moving from here to there, it's a space I think I can work with, I believe it'll be at least a little cheaper when all's said and done...and there's parking.

(But there will definitely be more about this as things develop...)

In news I wish were a little bigger than it feels at the moment, I finally asked out Shelley P., a woman who attends the WW meeting I work on Saturday mornings.

It's taken me months to "pull the trigger", but last Saturday after the meeting ended, I asked if she wanted to "go out for coffee sometime".

And she said yes.

I'd hoped to be able to do something this week - you know, "strike while the iron's hot" and all that - but things didn't work out that way; we played "phone tag" and "email tag", and never managed to actually talk to each other through the entire week, let alone go out.

And now she's out of town - out of state, I believe - first to a friend's wedding, then to visit with her father.

I know it's not the end of the world that nothing worked out this week - in addition to her pending trip, her friend/roommate's daughter had a car accident early in the week. So if her priority wasn't arranging time to have coffee with me, it's kinda/sorta understandable - but I still can't help but feel like my chances would have been better if things had worked out differently.

It doesn't feel like arranging a first date should be this much of a battle. And from previous experiences, and a lifetime of assuming the worst, it's hard not to consider the possibility that I've (once again) gotten blown off by a very kind woman, who's basically "too nice to say no".

But who knows?

I will say this - "Yay" to me for asking, because that's never an easy thing for me.

And I'll also say this - I really like this person. I think she's quite lovely, and as I told Cary earlier today, I just feel happier when she walks into the room.

So we'll see what happens when she's back in town.

I'm not gonna toss this into the "What Might Have Been" pile just yet...

As I told Jane in my last email - and repeated when I talked to Cary today - it feels really weird to have "audition news" be somewhere down the list of things I want to write about.

But here we are.

I would have had a commercial audition today, for the Post Office...if I didn't already have a commercial out there for FedEx (I had to call JS and remind him of the conflict).

But I actually do have an audition on Monday, for a Hallmark movie.

It's a small part - like they all are - but I'd be in three separate scenes, which I'm hoping might mean more than one day of shooting.

And I've been to that office a couple times before, so I'm happy that they clearly like me - Now I just want the producers to like me...and cast me.

I don't want to jinx it, but it feels as if things are at least trying to get busier - I had two auditions (And a callback) in the first two weeks of the month, an almost-audition today, and have the Hallmark thing on Monday - which is good; I feel like the year is flying by, and I've gotta book five more gigs if I'm going to break my booking record.

Though I'd settle for tying it...if the remaining four gigs were game-changing guest-star roles.

(I'm nothing if not flexible...)

Well, I guess that's it for now - I'm off to bed...


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