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4:14 pm - Tues 11/21/06
Jim and Kipper Go To The Vet

Jim And Kipper Go To The Vet

Took Kipper to the vet today.

(While still in the apartment, he broke out of his cat carrier--literally pushed his way through the locked plastic door--so he ended up riding in the back seat of the car. Then I went into the vet's office and bought a cardboard carrier before bringing him in).

Long story short, he has fleas. Not the first thing that occurred to me, actually, because 1)He's an indoor cat, and 2)He's been licking himself alot, but I haven't seen him scratching at all.

But fleas he has. And now he has some Frontline medicine, and some antibiotics (To take care of an area near his tail that, as the Doctor put it, "isn't infected yet, but wants to be"). The Doctor also gave him a cortisone shot--I think it was--to take care of the spot where he's licked himself bald.

All told, it was about $165. Which was more than I expected, but (Looking at the bright side), at least I could afford it without having to break out a credit card.

In other glass-half-full news, I was happy, when I asked the Doctor about his rank breath(Kipper's, not the Doctor's), that he checked his teeth, pronounced them "not bad"--minimal tartar, no gingivitis--and didn't seem overly concerned, saying it was perhaps some bacteria in the back of his throat.

Turns out, Kipper is both older (He's 8 Years, instead of 6) and fatter (19 lbs and change), than I thought he was.

(The Doctor said, "if possible", he'd like to see Kipper lose about five lbs; while he's seen some cats live a long life at that size, it's more likely that it'll cause him problems once he gets into double-digits.)

And I was going to report on my own visit to the Doctor recently, but it'll have to wait. I'm out of time.


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