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1:09 PM - Thurs 10.06.22

World Premiere Day

Haven't given myself much time to do this...but since there really isn't anything worth reporting but the one thing, this shouldn't take a whole lot of time.

The World Premiere of Acting Like Nothing Is Wrong is tonight at Awareness Festival (At LA Live/The Regal).

The screening is scheduled from 8-10 pm.

The plan is to get there a few hours early, to scope out the venue, talk to any press that might be hanging around, do the red carpet thing, and hopefully figure out exactly how the screening will go (We'll be doing a Q&A afterward, then hitting the opening night party that will be going on, interacting with any friends and well-wishers who want to interact with us).

Apparently, this Festival can be a little loosey-goosey on opening night, which isn't my favorite mode for a public event I'm going to be attending (And, to some extent, speaking at). But really, as long as the screening starts relatively on time, the projection and sound is good, and we can be seen and heard for the Q&A, I'm good. Anything else feels "extra" - Nice if we get it, but not that important if we don't.

I feel like my "job" tonight is fairly simple - Support Jane, answer questions directed towards me at the Q&A, and be a gracious "host" (To my way of thinking, the screening feels like a "party" hosted by the two of us - Happily, with Awareness Festival footing the bill ).

There's not really much to do beyond hoping the film works for people (We've got a number of people we know who will be in attendance. And while I want them to really enjoy the film, of course, the people I'm really after are the people going in blind - Our friends will be biased in our favor, but what I really hope to get tonight is at least a few people, at the Q&A or approaching us afterward, who really responded to the film without having any idea who we are. I think that's the acid test of whether or not we've "got something" here.

From her previous film-festival experiences, Jane says I will be a very big deal tonight, that the subject of a documentary is a bigger deal than the director for most festival attendees.

Which will be a little strange for me, if that turns out to be the case - 1) I really think this is Jane's deal. It might be my "story", but she's the one who made the film, and 2) I've felt very much not felt like a "big deal" for quite a while, so it might be fun, but it will also be a little jarring, if that's the case tonight (Being who I am, I've already found myself thinking about the "let-down" I'm going to feel on Friday, when I wake up and realize I'm still just me).

But really, as I've said, there's not much to do at this point but to just enjoy having the experience (This is not just a "first-time" experience for me, it's very likely an "only- time" experience - Hard to imagine there are going to be any more documentaries about me in the future...unless I become a serial killer or something. Which seems unlikely at this point).

Till next time...



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