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12:39 pm - Sat 10/27/07
Weigh Watchers Entry #1

Weight Watchers Entry #1

Well, even though I wasn't perfect during my first week on Weight Watchers - I need to drink more water, get in another serving or two of fruits and veggies, and work some milk drinking into the routine - I lost six pounds this week!

I imagine a lot of that is "water weight", but still, I'm quite pleased; I hoped I'd lose enough weight this week to think, "Hey, this actually works"...and here we are.

(What I'll need to guard against next week is being disappointed at having a less impressive showing. But anyway...)

I had some...challenges during my first week (temptations everywhere I looked while grocery shopping, going out with coworkers during our break yesterday, etc), but all-in-all, I didn't find it that hard to stay at or under my daily point allowance. And I didn't even use my weekly 35 points (Though I'm not ruling out using them from time to time).

In short, this seems like a plan I can live with.

(I know the holidays are coming, and at some point, I'll be confronted with craft services on a set, and having tasty snacks staring me in the face all day, but that's not something I'm having to deal with right now.)

The meeting was more fun today - last week I felt awkward and uncomfortable - and I enjoyed both having something to contribute, and getting a little round of applause for my week's accomplishment.

So today I weighed 262.4 lbs (The scales vary dramatically from WW to 24 Hour Fitness, but I'm going to go with the WW scale as the "scale of record"). I want to get down to 200 lbs, and my 10% milestone will be 239 lbs.

And it's funny - with the leader handing out stickers and bookmarks and whatnot (For various goals met and milestones reached), it struck me that the reward system is very "grade school"...but be that as it may, I still really want my 10% key chain!

And I'm on my way :)


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