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3:26 pm - Sun 1/6/08
Weight Watchers #10

Weight Watchers #10

I've struggled with a serious case of the blues for awhile now, but this week's Weight Watchers meeting has me feeling almost chipper; I lost another 3 lbs this week (3.8 lbs, to be exact), bringing my grand total up to 30.6 lbs (From 268.4 lbs to 237.8 lbs)

A nice rebound from last week's weigh-in (Where I lost a record-breaking zero lbs).

Again, I'm struck by how little relationship there is between my feelings about my weight in a given week and the reality; this past week, I didn't see or feel anything happening, and felt especially critical and depressed about my body (And that amazingly resilient role of flab around my middle).

And I was certain this would be my second week with no progress.

Now I weigh less than I did when I was in the hospital in 2006 (When they weighed me, two or three days into my stay, I was 239 lbs, after a couple days of an all-IV diet. And I'd been "off my feed" for a few days going in, because of my abdominal discomfort).

After my week in the hospital, I lost almost 20 lbs, and kept it off for about six months, before gaining everything back (And then some), to become the behemoth that lumbered into Weight Watchers a couple months ago.

So it's meaningful to me to be under "hospital weight", and it will be even more meaningful to slip under "post-hospital weight" within the next few months, on the way to my "target".

My "target", by the way, is now 195 lbs (Not 200 lbs, as previously reported).

At the meeting today, the leader talked some about our "target weight"; there's an acceptable "range" for your height and age, and she suggested making your WW "target" something toward the high end of the range (And if you want your "real goal" to be something on the low end, that's fine, but then you have a little room to fluctuate when you move into "Maintenance", then "Lifetime Member" status).

Anyway, I'd thought 200 lbs was the "high end" of my "acceptable" range, but it's not - 195 lbs is (I got that clarification after the meeting).

(My "range" goes from a high of 195 lbs to a low that I think would make me look downright gaunt; I don't remember the exact number, but I think it was in the 150s, which I haven't weighed since I was a very skinny high-schooler.)

Anyway, I can do 195 lbs; pretty much the only reason I could see weighing any more than that would be if I were putting on "muscle weight" ("Bulking up" for a movie role, perhaps...?).

Anyhow, a good week for Jim and WW.

And now, I must prepare to work (A short shift on phones tonite, so it should be a relatively pleasant evening).


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