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3:25 pm - Sunday, Jan. 13, 2008
Weight Watchers #11
Sun 1/13/08 (9:46 a.m.)

Weight Watchers #11

Have to start getting ready for my WW meeting in a few minutes...

I’m still thinking about the whole “My-Thoughts-About-My-Weight-Loss-In-A-Given-Week-Having-Little-To-Do-With-Reality” thing (last week I had a very good weigh-in, when I spent the week leading up to it not feeling good about my appearance and assuming I’d have a bad weigh-in when the time came).

I give my thoughts a lot of weight (If you’ll pardon the pun). And by that, I mean I think I’m pretty smart and perceptive, so if I’m thinking...whatever, then it must be true.

But here’s an example that shows “It ain’t necessarily so”; my thinking last week wasn’t based on anything smart and perceptive. I was just “feeling bad”, for whatever reason, so I assumed that had to mean my reality was bad.

It makes me wonder what else I’m thinking that “ain’t necessarily so”.

Anyway, my expectations for this week’s weigh-in...who knows?

I doubt it’ll be as good as last week’s, because last week’s was a pretty high-end result, but once again, who knows?

I’d like to be able to go week-to-week with no expectations. To know that, while one week may be better or worse than another, things are going in the right direction, the battle is being won, and let that be that.

I’d like to be a little more “Zen” about the whole thing.

But I’m not there yet.

But speaking of being “there”’s time for me to go

(12:35 p.m.)

And I’m back

An okay weigh-in this week (1.2 lbs lost), for a grand total of of 31.8 lbs lost to date.

That puts me at 236 lbs and change, with 41 lbs to go to my target weight of 195 lbs.

Back to the whole “self image” thing - Finding a good “perspective” when I look at myself in the mirror is important, and I hit that “sweet spot” a couple times this past week; I could see I look better than when I started (Which is a nice boost), but also saw that I have a good ways yet to go.

That’s where I want my head to be at, cause that’s a realistic assessment of the situation; I’ve made huge progress, but I’m not even at the halfway point yet. So while I should be pretty darned happy with myself - and I am much of the time - it’s way too early to be taking any victory laps.

But right now, I think I’m going to take a “victory nap”.


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