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3:01 pm - Sunday, Feb. 24, 2008
Weight Watchers #17
(I'm feeling too lazy to write two separate entries like I normally do, so I'm just going to "stick 'em together"; if you're not interested in the weight loss stuff, you can just skip down to the more "general" entry that follows.)

Weight Watchers #17

A very happy weigh-in today - I weighed 227.8. lbs, which was a 3.6 lb loss for the week, bringing my total weight loss to 40.6 lbs.

(During the meeting, I got a special little shout-out from Lynne, the leader, and a hand from the group, which was fun.)

Once again, I was struck by how little my "feeling" about how I did in a given week matches up with reality - the previous week, prior to the weigh-in, I thought I'd done "okay", and lost 2.6 lbs; this week, I was steeling myself for disappointment, and lost a pound more than I had the week before.

Go figure.

It's been awhile since I've actually noticed a difference in my appearance, which is a little disappointing, but I had a little plateau for a couple weeks(Where I gained a couple pounds, then lost it back, then made incremental headway), so that's not surprising.

Beyond the weekly weigh-in, about the only other "marker" I have telling me how I'm doing, no matter how I "feel" about how I'm doing, is my belt: It can vary, depending on the pants I'm wearing and how I'm wearing them, but at this point, I've gone from barely being able to get the belt on, to the fifth hole (The sixth, if I'm cinching myself in tight).

Pretty soon - a hole or two from now - I'll be retiring this belt altogether (My "mugger belt" - the weapon my attacker used on Xmas eve - is hanging on my bathroom towel rack, waiting in the wings for the new, more peaceful purpose of holding my pants up).

(Well, I want to write more on this subject, but I'm running out of time, so I'm going to move on...)

Tomorrow's "Big Day"

I think I'm prepared for tomorrow's AT&T gig; I have my callsheet and directions, I bought my long underwear, I'm reminding myself to pack some WW treats (The better to not be tempted by all the junk that'll be available tomorrow), and to take my point counter and Complete Food Companion with me.

The only item of clothes I need to bring with me (as "wardrobe") are my shoes (The black, New Balance walking shoes that are my primary shoeware anyway). Beyond that, I just need to wear whatever I'm going to wear to get there, and some stuff to "bundle up" in between takes (Valerie - the Production Supervisor - said it could be in the 30s in the morning. And yeah, I'm from Michigan and all that, but after seven years in Cali, that still sounds pretty cold to me)

When I go in to work this evening, I'm going to talk to one of the managers, and see if there's a way I can skate after the first set (Which ends around 8:30 or so). I think they'll be amenable to that, since I'm doing phones, and it's going to be dead, since it's Oscar night.

Wish me luck on that; frankly, I don't expect it's going to be a great night's sleep no matter what happens, but I'd really like to have a fighting chance of going through tomorrow's shoot at least somewhat awake and aware of what's going on.


It's Oscar night, and being an actor, I feel like I have to opine on the subject, but to be honest, I don't really have much to say (I think it's going to be a big night for No Country For Old Men, and for Daniel Day Lewis, and beyond that, I have not a clue).

I'm just disappointed that I can't watch the show "in real time" with Jen and Molly and co.; that sounds like a lot more fun than sitting in the back office at work, waiting for the phone to ring ("Are you open tonite...?").

But I just have to tell myself, "When I'm onstage accepting my 'Best Supporting Actor' award, I'll remember those years I didn't even get to watch the show, and have a good laugh".

But right now, I think I'm going to have a good nap.


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