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6:05 pm - Sun 3.02.2008
Weight Watchers #18

Weight Watchers #18

Today was the first day I lost relatively little weight (.8 lbs), but felt pretty good about it.

Long story short, I wasn't happy with how this past week went, in terms of weight-watching, so I was happy I lost anything (Let's put it this way - I would have been upset if I'd gained weight this week...but not terribly surprised).

My little .8 lbs today puts my weight at 227 lbs even, for a total of 41.4 lbs lost so far, and 32 lbs to my "target" weight of 195 lbs.

Today's meeting was about healthy eating.

As I've said before, I tend to find "food meetings" kind of boring, and my thoughts wandered a bit today (Especially since tomorrow's AT&T re-shoot is much on my mind, crowding out rational thought about anything else).

But one thing the meeting did leave me with is that I continue to need work on eating healthy, even if I am staying within the 40 points of my "flex plan".

I still have a hard time hitting my six glasses of water a day. And I eat too much junk still (Though on a good note, I have some days where I'm not only hitting my "five fruits and veggies a day" requirement, but going beyond it. I think that's mostly thanks to the V8 that's become a regular part of my training table).

(And just writing about this made me go pour myself a big glass of water, since I've only had two so far today.)

I think the big virtue of Weight Watchers is that I've been able to lose weight without feeling too deprived; I feel quite positive that what I've achieved so far would never have happened if I were "dieting".

So the program is clearly working.

I just need to "work the program" a little better


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