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1:01 am - Thurs 3.27.2008
Weight Watchers #21
Thurs 3/27/08 (12:20 a.m.)

Weight Watchers #21

Well folks, I didnt have the weigh-in Id hoped for this week (I went Monday evening cause they were closed Easter Sunday).

I thought this would be a good week - Id realized Id been cheating for awhile (And adjusted my daily points accordingly), I bought that 24 oz WW water bottle (The better to get in my daily water requirement), I did three 45 minutes sessions of cardio during the week, and Id had an extra day-and-a-half to work with (Which should have been good for a couple ounces right there) - so it was very disappointing to get on the scale and see that Id lost a measly .2 lbs.

I know I should be thinking more along the lines of Well Jim, at least you lost something or It could be worse - You could have gained weight this week. But all I can think is Ive lost less than two lbs in the past month....

And thats frustrating.

(Starting to lose consciousness here...)

I think if I have another non-result this week, Ill need to seriously start thinking about where I may not be doing the program as well as I should.


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