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3:12 pm - Sun 4.06.2008
Weight Watchers #23

Weight Watchers #23

A great weigh-in this week - 220.8 lbs.

That's another 3.8 lbs lost - for a total of 47.6 lbs since I started.

I now have just 25 lbs to go to my 195 lbs "target".

I really wasn't expecting such a great weigh-in this week. Which, once again, makes me think about the frequent, often substantial, gulf between my feelings and objective reality; I may not have felt it was a great week, but the scale said differently.

Apparently, I'm having something of a "results not typical" experience with WW.

During today's meeting, Lynne was talking about how WW is a "slow process", and is designed that way.

She then asked me when I started and how much I'd lost at this point, and when I told her, she said, "Okay, well that's not 'slow', but...", and continued what she was saying.

The idea that I'm losing the weight I'm losing quickly, in WW terms, to me suggests my body wanting to be the weight I'm moving towards.

And all it needed was for me to "get on board".


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