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5:19 pm - Sun 5.18.2008
Weight Watchers #28

Weight Watchers #28

Well, in another case of "two steps forward, one step back", after losing 2.4 lbs last week, I put 1.4 lbs of it back on this week.

(To quote various cartoon characters through the ages, "@#!!")

I weighed 219.6 lbs today; 195 lbs is the goal (And I started at 268.4 lbs).

This happened the last time I lost a couple lbs in a week (I gained a good chunk of it back the following week), which leads me to wonder if, flush with weight-loss victory, I "slack off" ever so slightly the next week, without realizing it.

It's probably the most difficult thing for me now - trying to figure out if what happens from one week to the next is just "the ebb-and-flow of weight loss" and try to relax about it, or whether it's me "slipping" in my resolve, and I need to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

When I have a week where I gain, my initial response is to be unhappy, and try to figure out "what I did wrong". Then either I keep it in mind through the following week (If I do think there was "slippage" in some way), or else I tell myself that "some weeks are just like that", and to just "stay the course".

I'd say, since I've never gained for two weeks in a row - (knock wood) - that whatever is going on when I gain, the momentum is still pretty strongely in the direction of weight loss.

I just wish that "momentum" were moving a little faster in that direction...!


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