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2:03 pm - Mon 5.26.2008
Weight Watchers #29

Weight Watchers #29

An excellent weigh-in this week–I lost three lbs!

I was nervous going in this week; I live in fear, after a week where I’ve gained, that I’ll set a very unhappy precedent and have another gain the following week.

Which would suck.

Adding to the weigh-in anxiety - I had the film shoot on Tuesday, lunch with John O. on Thurs, and visiting Cary and Kay yesterday. And on all three occasions, I ate without counting points; I didn’t go nuts or anything, and I tried to keep my eating before and after to a minimum, but still, it felt a little dangerous (Turns out it’s much easier to do the point-counting thing when you have no social life and never go anywhere. But who wants that?).

Once again, I can’t see much difference between this week, and losing 3 lbs, and the previous week, and gaining 1.4 lbs - It’s not like, “Well, the week before there was all that pie and ice cream...” or “This week, I fasted on alternate days...” ; as I’ve said before, I just have to lay it off to the "mysteries of the process", and trust that, while I don’t know what’ll happen from week-to-week, things are clearly going in the right direction (51.8 lbs since I started).

So this week I’m at 216.6 lbs, which means I’m 11 lbs away from being able to work at WW, and 21 lbs from my 195 lb goal.

Speaking of working at WW, Lynn had more happy news for me at yesterday’s meeting; she told me that Sherry (The WW “Territory Manager”) thought I was “great” when she met me on Wednesday (When I blew off ArcLight to attend a WW meeting in Santa Monica for potential employees).

After basically “putting the cart in front of the horse”, and quitting ArcLight before having something else to go to, that was really happy news; nice to know that the only “hurdle” to starting up at WW is losing the lbs (And that online “questionaire”, which I can take at any time, but haven’t taken yet. I’ve been nervous about it till now - as I’ve said before, I haven’t had much luck with these things in the past - but I’m going to assume if Sherry thinks I’m WW material, this little quiz will back her up).

So it would seem I have some “vacation time”. Which is going to double as “training time”, because with my days entirely free, there’s no excuse for not hitting the gym (Especially since that could make the difference between being able to sign on at WW within the next 4-6 weeks, and having it take two or three months).

(Oh, this isn’t “news”, per se, cause I passed this milestone awhile back, but I didn’t know you got WW jewelry for hitting 25 lbs - a little pewter disk that has “25 lbs” engraved on it - so I got one of those from Lynn after the meeting, and popped it on my WW keychain. Kind of silly, but hey, I earned that little trinket, so I want it.)


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