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3:03 pm - Fri 11/9/07
Weight Watchers #3

Weight Watchers #3

Went to my weekly WW meeting today (I've been going on Saturdays. But I have a casting workshop tomorrow morning, and thought going today would be better than holding off till Sunday. But anyway...).

Lost 1.6 lbs this week, which felt like quite a comedown from the last two weeks (6 lbs, and 4.4 lbs, respectively).

But I knew a slowdown was coming, so I'm only mildly bummed. And I've still lost a total of 12 lbs so far, which is not too shabby (And I only had six days this week. Who knows? - If I'd been able to go tomorrow, or had opted to go Sunday morning instead, the scale might have been a little nicer to me).

In the first two weeks on WW, I was caught up in the excitement of a new venture, full of positive vibes about this good thing I was doing for myself.

I still have that, of course, but I've started to struggle more with temptation, and with various and sundry self-sabotaging thoughts.

It would have been nice if that study suggesting being overweight might actually protect you against certain diseases hadn't published its findings right as I'm trying to lose weight. Though let's be clear - the study was talking about being "overweight", and I'm solidly in the "obese" camp.

And while being "pleasingly plump" might not be that bad for you, nobody's suggesting being a huge tub of goo protects you against anything - unless it's protecting you against being bothered by attractive women wanting to have sex with you.

But whatever my mind wants to do to me - make me feel bad, return things to the status quo, whatever - the fact is, I have lost 12 lbs.

My face is already looking different, my "fat" workpants are looser, and I've moved up a belt notch (Or would that be "down a belt notch"?).

I'm proving to myself that, when I really want to do something, I can make it happen.

And I'm going to keep making it happen.


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