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3:13 am - Tues 6.02.2008
Weight Watchers #30

Weight Watchers #30

I shouldn't have been surprised - it's happened at least twice now after a good week on the scale - but nevertheless, I was surprised when I got on the scale for Sunday's weigh-in at Weight Watchers and had a .8 lb gain.

Now, I'm not exactly torn up about it - I lost 3.8 lbs the week before, so it's not like "two steps forward, one step back"; it's more like "three-and-three-quarter steps forward, three-quarters-of-a-step back" - but I am mildly bummed, a little frustrated; by any measure I can think of, I did better this week than the week before. So I genuinely don't understand what happened that made this week a "gainer", however slight, and the week before a "loser".

But as I've said a number of times, this weight-loss thing is not as straightforward a process as you might think ("Just stop eating, fat boy...!"). If it were, if you saw consistent results for your efforts (Instead of losing-and-gaining in fits and starts that don't always seem logical), it would probably be much easier for people to "stay the course".

But anyway...

The meeting got very interesting right at the end (Interesting enough that I wish there'd been more time to talk about what was brought up).

Lynn - my meeting leader, was talking about "emotional eating", and how, when you think about it, it's a very odd response to a situation, to basically throw food at it (Quoting an old WW bumper sticker, she said, "Unless the problem is 'hunger', the solution isn't 'food'").

The part of the conversation I thought was interesting was when Lynn asked us to think about what was really bothering us and try to deal with it, rather than just "anesthetize" ourselves with food.

I spoke up at that point, saying I thought that was the "linchpin" of the whole thing, cause if "food" were just food, I wouldn't be at WW, and I imagine most other people wouldn't be either.

Food, over time, has become many other things for me, meaning more than just "not being hungry" (Like, for example, "relief from boredom"). And I'm going to give a lot more thought to those other "functions" food serves in my life (relief from boredom, loneliness, etc), and how quick I am to escape to eating when I should be dealing with my feelings instead, not just trying to escape from them.

Cause when it comes down to it, food is just food. Food is not "love", or "sex", or anything else. It's just "food".

And like the lady said, unless the problem is hunger, the solution is not food.

It's time I quit comforting myself with food, and started looking for solutions to my problems instead.


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