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12:24 pm - Sun 7.13.2008
Weight Watchers #36

Weight Watchers #36

Last week, Lynn, using as her analogy water being hot water at 211 degrees, but boiling at 212, asked us to "heat up" our weight-loss efforts by "one degree" this week, and email her about what that entailed.

Turns out, I was one of the few people who actually did email her, and here's what I had to say:

Hi Lynn--

Hope you've had a good week.

If I remember correctly, you wanted us to report on our efforts to "kick things up a notch" in our weight-loss efforts?

Well, I did two things to that end this past week.

1) By tomorrow's meeting, I will have exercised (By walking or riding my bike) at least an hour a day, for six of the past seven days. My previous best in a week was four days of 45 minutes or better.

2) I also took your advice, and tried goosing my metabolism by having one day where I went to town, points-wise, going to Jack-In-The-Box in the evening for an extra 28-point blowout.

(It was an odd position to be in - to be telling myself, "Jim, you HAVE to go to Jack-In-The-Box. It's part of your Weight Watchers 'homework' this week". Cause I was pretty resistant to the idea - Which, when I think about it, is pretty COOL in a way. After all, I've never exactly been "resistant" about going to Jack-In-The-Box BEFORE. But anyway...)

I was talking about WW to a friend yesterday, and I thought you might find this interesting - I told him that the biggest challenge I've faced for awhile now with WW is striking a balance, between not giving myself too hard a time for disappointing weigh-ins (Because that would be counter-productive), but not cutting myself too much slack either (Because that also would be counter-productive).

Which just made me realize, I did a THIRD thing this week, which goes back to the meeting about cheating on our points - I've been overdoing it on the peanut butter sandwiches, both by sometimes having two or three in a day, and by telling myself that a "spoonful" of peanut butter was as much peanut butter as I could load onto the spoon.

So this week, I tried to limit the pb&j's to one a day (which I made good on till the latter part of the week), and to an ACTUAL teaspoon of peanut butter (This also had the effect of making me cut down on how much flavored creamer I was putting into my coffee; after you reminded us last week that a "spoonful" was a LEVEL spoonful, I realized I'd been cheating, and loading up my coffee with two or three times the "individual serving size" of creamer).

Well, I imagine you're thinking "Jeez Jim, I didn't say give me your life STORY this week...", so I'll let you go :)

See you at the meeting

Jim H.

So after all this buildup, are you tingling with excitement? Trembling with anticipation?

Or do you just wish I'd "get on with it", and tell you how the weigh-in went this week?

Well, I lost 1.4 lbs.

For those of you keeping score, that puts me at 213.6 lbs - 8 lbs-and-change from employment at WW, and 18 lbs-and-change from my 195 lbs goal.

Honestly, I was ever-so-slightly disappointed by today's result; yes, it's much better than getting on the scale and having nothing change, or worse yet, gaining weight. But I was hoping for a more...dramatic result from this weeks effort to "bring things to a boil".

And since this weeks weight loss was basically "on schedule" (for at least the past two months, if not longer, it's been "one week on" - with weight loss of a pound or better - and "two weeks off"), it feels like next week will be the real test.

I'm going to do all the same stuff I did this week - the same amount of exercise, the same one-day "blowout" where I use all or most of my weekly points, the same keeping a "spoonful" of whatever an actual spoonful - and, hopefully, break the "one week on, two weeks off" cycle.

Stay tuned.


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