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10:22 am - Weds 7.23.2008
Weight Watchers #37

Weight Watchers #37

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I couldn't attend my usual Sunday morning WW meeting this week (For a guy who doesn't even have a job, I had a number of "scheduling conflicts" this past week. But anyway...).

So I went to a meeting yesterday morning (At the same location, but with a different meeting leader). And it turns out to have been worth the wait - I lost 2.4 lbs!

I'm now 211.2 lbs; 6 lbs from Weight Watcher employment, and 16 lbs from my 195 lb goal.

That 2.4 lbs is the best result I've had in almost two months, and it's the first time in quite some time I've had a significant weight loss for two weeks running ("Significant" meaning "more than a pound").

I was a little bummed at not being able to go to my regular Sunday meeting, because I was trying, best I was able, to be kind of "scientific" this past week, and do everything the same as I'd done the week before (I'd lost 1.4 lbs that week, but didn't completely "trust" it, because it had fallen within the "one week on, two weeks off" pattern I'd become so frustrated about; I was eager for clear evidence that my "extra effort" had paid off, and more than anything, I wanted to break that friggin' pattern).

But I'm going to assume I was set to lose weight this week even without the extra two days between weigh-ins.

Actually, this past week, I didn't really "do everything the same" as the week before; I upped the exercise quotient quite a bit, which I'm going to stick with this week.

(And since I've managed to get significant amounts of exercise on my own by walking and biking these past two weeks, I've decided to drop my gym membership; If I want to lift weights, after all, I have weights here at home. And at this point, with no money coming in, it's just money better spent elsewhere.)

The thing I'm still trying to get my mind around these past two weeks is how I'm losing more weight by having added "Burger Night" to the mix.

The theory, as I understand it, is that if you're giving your body some low amount of calories, you can "trick" your metabolism by changing things up and having a lot of calories on a given day - Your body "revs up" to burn the extra calories, and is still "revved up" the next day, when you go back to your regular calorie intake.

I don't know if that's actually good weight-loss science or not. I just know that I've had Jack-In-The-Box one night a week for the past two weeks, and I've lost weight both weeks. And that's "scientific" enough for me.

It's dangerous to try and make predictions, but this all probably means I'll be working at Weight Watchers within the next two months - I wouldn't dare assume I'm going to just lose weight every week from here on out, but even if I have an off week or two coming up, it's hard to imagine I won't have lost at least six lbs by this time in September.

So I feel like I can see my new job at Weight Watchers from where I'm sitting.

Unless I have some crazy amount of acting success between now and then.

Then all bets are off :)


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