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4:16 pm - Sun 7.27.2008
Weight Watchers #38

Weight Watchers #38

Well, I was hoping to squeak out a 1 lb loss today, but sadly, it was not to be - I lost a whopping .6 lbs this past week.

I'm disappointed, but not too much; doing my last meeting on Tuesday meant this was a short "week" (Which is why I don't like missing my regular Sunday meeting).

And after losing 2.4 lbs the week before, another big week would have been a lot to hope for.

And it wasn't a good week for me physically - I'm not sick, I don't think, but I've been out-of-sorts lately, feeling tired and weak - so I fell off on the exercise (I had two days where I went on two-hour walks - which is about an hour more than my body really wants to walk - and I did about an hour last night. But I also had days where I told myself a casual bike ride was "good enough"...and it really isn't at this point).

And...when I got home from today's meeting, I realized I hadn't taken my pocketknife out of my back pocket before I weighed in, and that could have easily been the .4 lbs that would've made the difference.

Not to mention - (TMI ALERT!) - I've been constipated lately (See the previously-mentioned, "I-had-a-bad-week-physically" business).

("Wow Jim, that's quite a cascade of excuses for someone who's 'disappointed, but not too much' about his weekly weigh-in...")

Anyway, that puts me at 210.6 lbs, which means I'm down 57.8 lbs since October.

And for those keeping score, that means - rounding down the numbers - I'm five lbs from Weight Watchers employment, and 15 lbs from my 195 goal weight.

Kind-of bad news - for some reason (I guess they aren't selling), WW is discontinuing their "Water Mix-Ins", the powdered drink additives that turn drinking your daily water requirement from an odious chore to a tasty treat.

(I usually favored the "peach iced tea" flavor, but would periodically do the "lemonade" for a delightful change-of-pace.)

It's not that big a deal - I'll just switch to Crystal Light - but the "creature of habit" that resides within me was annoyed (But on a bright note, their remaining "mix-in" stock is now "on sale" while it lasts).

So I'm going to try and "keep my nose clean" this week, do what I know I need to do, and hope for bigger and better things next Sunday.


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