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8:28 pm - Tues 8.05.2008
Weight Watchers #39

Weight Watchers #39

Another good weigh-in this week - 209 lbs.

That's another 1.6 lbs down, meaning I'm 4 lbs from Weight Watchers employment, and 14 lbs from my goal.

So I'm a happy camper right now; I've lost at least a lb each week, for three of the last 4 weeks (And last week was a "short" week, I forget to take out my pocket knife before the weigh-in, I was constipated, my stars were out of alignment, etc. etc.).


Speaking of Weight Watchers employment, I finally did the online test last night (But more on that in my next regular entry, because I plan to rant about it a bit, and it feels kinda "off-topic" here).

If things proceed as they have (and assuming the online thing didn't torpedo my chances), I could be ready to call Sherry (The WW "Territory Manager") in the next couple weeks - Certainly in the next month - to tell her I'm ready to join the team.

As I know I've said before, I'm nervous about starting a new job, and particularly about leading meetings (Though you don't actually start as a "Leader"; everyone starts at WW as a "Receptionist"). But the "Receptionist" thing doesn't look too tough, and it's not as if they don't train you when you make the move to "Leader".

Long story short, there's really nothing I won't be able to handle here...assuming I didn't flunk the personality test (Do you sense I'm worried about that...?).

A nice perk? Once I start working there, I'll be done with paying the monthly membership. So however long it takes me to lose the remaining ten lbs, plus the six weeks of maintenance, would be free.

And Jim likes "free".

Something I've been thinking about, as my goal approaches, is what I want to have happen from there.

I actually want to lose a little more than my WW "target"; once you're "Lifetime", you have to weigh-in once a month, and they don't give you much "wiggle room" - If you're more than two pounds over, you have to pay.

And I don't want to pay.


So I figure if I keep myself in the 185-190 lbs range, and have a little "bumper" between my actual weight and my WW "goal", I'm golden.

I've also thought about losing more weight, then doing resistance training, so that the weight that came back on would be muscle.

Though that sounds hard, and it could actually make me too sexy; I might settle for just being a skinny guy who walks and bikes a lot.

And I think that's about enough out of me on this topic...for now.

See you next week!


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