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3:37 pm - Sat 11/17/07
Weight Watchers #4
Sat 11/17/07 (9:40 a.m.)

Weight Watchers Entry #4

Have to leave for my weekly WW meeting in a few minutes...

I�m nervous about it today, for some reason. Basically, I�m wanting a better weigh-in than last week, but am afraid it may actually be worse.

(Had a little �counting mishap� last week - assuming a lower �point value� for some �Heart Smart� bread than it actually had - which meant I went a few points over my daily point limit for a number of days running, since I practically live on sandwiches. But anyway...)


Back from the meeting.

I�m a happy WW camper; I was prepared to be disappointed with the numbers this week - because of �The Great �Heart Smart� Debacle�, and a general sense of not having a good week - but I actually lost 3.4 lbs (A big jump from last week�s 1.6 ).

I did have an extra day this week - my last meeting was a week ago Friday - but I�m still going to give myself a big pat-on-the-back here (Cause how much would I lose in a day, anyway? A couple ounces, maybe?).

It was a good lesson - It�s damn near impossible for me to be objective about myself. And how I feel - one way or another - doesn�t necessarily have much to do with reality.

Like with acting; on a given night, doing a play, I�d think I really sucked, only to have people come back and tell me how much they enjoyed my performance.

This week I was not doing great emotionally, struggling with temptation and self-sabotaging thoughts (And I�m starting to �binge� sometimes - eating a lot at one time till I feel stuffed, instead of stopping when I�m not hungry anymore. Though other than the previously mentioned issue with the bread, I�ve kept to my daily points, and still haven�t used the extra 35 weekly points. But it�s something to nip-in-the-bud nevertheless).

I thought because I wasn�t feeling good, I wasn�t doing good (And I really beat myself up over the bread, thinking, �How could I have not checked the label...?�).

But it turned out the bread wasn�t that big a deal (It basically added two points to every sandwich I had; WW bread is one point per two slices, and this �Heart Smart� stuff was three points. Regular wheat bread is four points).

And as far as temptation goes, thinking about eating a Whopper has zero calories.
And �self-sabotaging thoughts� don�t mean anything if you don�t act on them.

So anyway, this week puts my total weight loss at 15.4 lbs.

My 10% goal (of 26 lbs) is within sight.

Beyond that, my �target weight� is 200 lbs. But I�m going to try not to focus on that right now, because I know me - I�ve got months to go between �here� and �there�, and I don�t want to get discouraged.

Better to focus on 242 lbs (My 10% goal). Because with the way things have been going, that could happen within the next couple weeks.

But right now, I�m going to make a nap happen...


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