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7:51 pm - 08.24.2008
Weight Watchers #42

Weight Watchers #42

Well, after last week's "second best weight-loss ever" (4.6 lbs), I wasn't expecting much out of this week.

And today's weigh-in didn't disappoint (At least not in that regard) - I thought I'd lose maybe a pound, but turned out, I didn't even get that; I actually gained .2 lbs.

So I basically did a holding pattern (From 204.8 lbs to 205 lbs).

I was mildly put-out - I really don't think there was 5 lbs of difference between this week and the previous week, in terms of my behavior - but as I've said in here before, losing weight isn't nearly as "linear" a process as I imagined it would be going in.

Lynn, the meeting leader, was away last Sunday, but I'd emailed her mid-week to tell her I'd gotten within ten lbs of my goal weight, and the wheels were now in motion for me "to join the team".

So at today's meeting, she announced to the group that I was going to be working for Weight Watchers.

The group gave me a hand, and afterwards, some of my fellow Weight Watchers made a point of congratulating me personally, which I thought was nice.

(I've sometimes worried about Lynn singling me out too often, afraid it might arouse resentment or what-have-you. But actually, people have always been quite nice, and very supportive of my becoming a WW leader at some point.)

Typically, I like the sort of attention I got today, but it felt a little weird, to be getting all the back-slapping and congratulations on a week I didn't lose any weight, and when I'd had a serious rice-cake binge the night before (I know - having a "rice-cake binge" sounds kinda funny, like "gorging on tofu" or something - but the loss of control concerned me).

But just because I'm getting into the professional weight-loss biz doesn't mean I'm no longer going to be subject to backsliding and temptation (I suddenly feel like I'm back in Sunday School...!). It just means I'll have one more reason to beat it - cause it's my job.


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