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1:29 pm - Sun 9.07.2008
Weight Watchers #44

Weight Watchers #44

Well, another unimpressive weigh-in this week - .6 lbs down, same as last week.

So, rounding down to whole numbers, I'm now 203 lbs, eight lbs from my 195 lb WW goal, and thirteen lbs from what - I think - is going to be my "personal goal" of 190 lbs.

(I don't know if I "need" to get to 190 lbs, but I want at least a few lbs of protective "cushion", since once you're "Lifetime" - or employed at WW - you get "dinged" if you're two lbs over your WW goal weight.)

I never feel like jumping for joy when I lose less than a lb in a week, so I'm a little discouraged over how the past three weeks have gone (I've lost a total of 1 lb).

But I had that crazy 4.6 lb loss a month ago, and that could have been a "shock" my body's still trying to "recover" from.

(Note to my Body: I am not sick. I am not starving. I am not dying - I'm actually trying to lose weight, Stupid. Where exactly have you been the past year....? Anyway, if you've gone into life-saving, "self-preservation mode" again - Just stop it. Now. Got it?)

Anyway, I'm still looking over the past week, trying to figure out "Where I went wrong", and how I might have done better.

So the meeting today was a particularly good one for me, cause it was about the "fuzzy math" of WW, as Lynn calls it, and how you can sabotage yourself with it.

One tricky thing has to do with stuff that's "zero points" - the only things that are genuinely zero points are vegetables (Without anything on them); anything else listed as "zero points" is actually some fraction of a point, and you need to count it.

Otherwise, you can go through your day popping sugar-free gum, for example, telling yourself it's zero points (At 5 calories a piece), and by day's end, have accumulated two or three points (Particularly if you eat gum the way I sometimes do).

Likewise, one WW "mini" is technically 1 point. But two "minis" are 3 pots (Clearly, a single "mini" should be listed as a point-and-a-half. But it's not).

Have a couple of those "miscalculations" in your daily totals, and at the end of the week, you can be left wondering how come nothing's changed on the scale(Or, even worse, why you've gained weight).

The somewhat more...abstract consideration is what you eat even while staying within your points.

Technically, you're supposed to be able to eat whatever you want on WW.

And you a degree. But staying within your points and eating healthy is just different than staying within your points and eating the WW equivalent of junk food.

And I sometimes tend toward that latter pole. And I have to watch that.

Well crap, I've been going on forever, I still have more to write about (WW is doing a special "Lose for Good" promotion, where they're matching their members amount of weight loss in the next five weeks with an equivalent donation to hunger relief organizations. So if you've meant to join WW and lose some weight, this is the time to do it)...but I've got to go.

See you around and about, my friends...


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