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11:17 pm - Mon 9.15.2008
Weight Watchers #45

Weight Watchers #45

Well, I wasn't quite ready to do a "happy dance" after this Sunday's weigh-in...but I was close; after the previous three weeks, where I ended up losing 1 lb, losing 1 lb this past week was a pretty acceptable outcome.

So I'm down to 202.8 lbs, 7 lbs from my WW goal weight, and 12 lbs from my personal goal (More or less).

I told Lynn I'd had my first mentoring session on Friday, and Debbie, one of the receptionists, came over to me a little later, before the meeting started, to ask me how it had gone.

(More on that in my "regular entry"...)

It was fun getting my first "employee discount" too :)

The meeting this week centered around A.N.T.s (Automatic Negative Thoughts), and how to combat them.

That's a subject pretty near and dear to my heart, since I've wrestled with negative thinking all my life (I already wrote about my acting-related A.N.T.s in my "Characterman" blog).

I've definitely experienced some weight-loss related A.N.T.s along the way, and I expect there'll be more before it's all said and done.

But it doesn't matter, because I know the truth - there's no real "up side" to my being fat, and no real "down side" to my being the weight I'm supposed to be.

I look better, I feel better, and I feel better about myself. And that's what I have to remember when those insidious, negative little thoughts come up, thoughts that have no purpose but to keep me down, to keep me less than what I'm meant to be. Whatever little thoughts pop up to sabotage me, now or in the future, I know the truth.

I just have to remember that I know the truth.

One thing Lynn said, and this is something that's come up in my thinking before, is that we'll talk to ourselves in a negative, cruel way that we'd never dream of talking to other people.

And if nothing else, I deserve the same kindness from myself that I would extend to a stranger on the street.

Anyway, it was a good meeting. I felt like I left with something to think about, and something I can use.


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