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1:05 pm - Tues 9.23.2008
Weight Watchers #46

Weight Watchers #46

Well, considering I bike-rode my ass off this past week, I would have been very disappointed with a bad weigh-in Sunday.

So, happily, I didn't have one - I lost 2.8 lbs, putting me at exactly 200 lbs, 5 lbs from my WW goal, and 10 lbs from my personal goal.

To be sure, I can see that I've made huge progress - 68.4 lbs to date - and that I look much better as a result.

I am no longer "Morbidly obese".

At this point, I'm barely even "overweight".

I'm not sure when I last weighed this little, but it has be at least twenty years, if not longer.

And I do feel, to a certain extent, as if I've "turned back the clock". Which is kind of a cool feeling.

But, being me, I'm also wrestling with "The black spot on the white piece of paper", as my friend Jane likes to say; I'm pretty bummed that, almost 70 lbs down the road, I've still got a role of blubber around my gut that I can grab with two hands.

As the kids say, "WTF"?

And I've gotten to the point where it's time for another round of pants...but I'm not flush enough for a new wardrobe.

And I'm actually a little discouraged at the Herculean effort that's been required in this final round of weight-loss, an effort that's only been possible because I've had nothing else to do these past three or four months; it makes me worry about keeping the weight off if/when I'm working more (At Weight Watchers), auditioning more (I hope!), and doing more acting gigs (Are you listening, Universe? It's me, Jim).

(It seems doubts and worries are even attacking me in areas where I'm achieving more than ever before...)

But I think at this point, I'm going to focus on getting those last lbs off.

I'll worry about my flabby middle, my baggy pants, and my fears about maintenance some other time.


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