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4:07 pm - 10.07.2008
Weight Watchers #48

Weight Watchers #48

Had something of a "milestone" at my WW meeting on Sunday: My monthly pass was scanned for the last time, since I now work at WW.

(So "Yay!" for no longer paying WW $39 a month!)

And I forgot an even bigger milestone (Which I'll write more about in my next "general" entry) - I worked my first meeting as a full-on WW employee (I subbed for Lori, one of the regular receptionists, at the 9:30 meeting, the one before my regular meeting at 11:00 a.m.).

Long story short, it seemed to go well (And I didn't have to close out the meeting, which is probably the biggest thing I still feel "iffy" on, so it was a relatively stress-free outing).


In terms of the weigh-in, the past week turned out to be a "holding pattern" - I "gained" .2 lbs, putting me at 198.6 lbs.

I was a little disappointed (I like when my weight loss hits a round number, and last week I was at 70 lbs even)...but only a little disappointed; I'm almost certainly going to be reaching my WW goal weight (Of 195 lbs) within the next week or two.

And now that I'm not paying anymore, if it takes me two or three weeks to do it, instead of one or two weeks...well, no big deal.

The meeting this week made me nervous (In terms of my future as a meeting "Leader"), because it had a food-centric topic - It was all about the wonder of soup.

I don't cook (and can't remember the last time I had soup), so any time the meeting topic revolves around food, I get a little nervous about how I'm going to "work around" my lack of expertise when the time comes.

But that's months away, at the earliest (Assuming I get enough hours as a receptionist to even keep WW as a job - I'm worried at this point that I might have to keep looking for other work, if I can't).

Since I'm not a member anymore, I don't have to go to weekly meetings and do the whole "maintenance" thing, but Amy F. (My receptionist "Mentor") suggested I do, and I'm fine with that - I think, for one thing, it would be best for me to complete the process as a member.

And going back to the "Leader" thing, I'm going to want to have that experience to share with members.


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