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4:30 pm - 10.12.2008
Weight Watchers #49

Weight Watchers #49

Well, in the middle of a pretty rough time to be me, a time when even happy events take dark turns (i.e. the infomercial I'm shooting on Tuesday is basically costing me money), some exciting news:

I made my weight goal today!!!

Much to my surprise, I had a monster week for weight-loss, dropping 4.4 lbs, which brought me down to 194.2 lbs (My WW goal was 195 lbs).

So what now...?

Well, technically it doesn't apply - since I'm no longer a member (And thus, not worried about becoming "Lifetime") - but the next part of the process is six weeks of "Maintenance", where I hopefully will not go more than 2 lbs over my goal weight (Apparently a lot of people still lose some weight during this time).

So today I got some more "bling" for my achievement - a silver star for my keychain - along with a round of applause and a chance to "say a few words".

I basically just seconded what other people had been saying at the meeting (We had two people who met their 10% goal today), about the virtues of Weight Watchers.

Cause what can I say? Almost 75 lbs lost in a year's time means that, for me, it works.

But I also said that the one thing I'd tell someone starting out is not to let any one week's result be "make or break".

I know I've said it before, but I've continually been surprised how my weight loss has varied from week to week - Starting out, I assumed that if I did basically the same thing every week, I'd have the same result.

It doesn't really work that way (In part, because your body doesn't work that way. And while you may think you're "doing the same thing every week", it's really easy to fool yourself about that).

And it would have been easy, when going through a period where things had stalled out, to have just said, "Screw it! This doesn't work", or "It's stopped working", and given up.

But I didn't. I stuck it out, and the reward is a slimmer, trimmer, healthier me.



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