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9:08 am - Sun 12/23/07
Weight Watchers #8

Weight Watchers #8

I skipped a WW entry last week, and I shouldn't have, cause I lost almost four lbs (3.8, to be exact), and that's something to celebrate; it had been at least three weeks since I'd had a weigh-in go that well.

I'm hoping this week that I'll hit, and surpass, my 10%, 26 lb. goal (At last week's weigh-in, I only had a pound-and-change to go. And I've lost a pound or more each week - with the exception of the one dark week I only lost .2 lbs - so it isn't unreasonable to assume this will, in all likelihood, be the week).

One reason I want to hit/pass my 10% goal this week is because this will be the last week I'm on Jane's dime (i.e. the final week of the 10-week program she bought for me), and I like the idea of her help ending with me meeting my first goal, then my "target weight" (Of 200 lbs) being up to me. I like the "neatness" of that demarcation.

From week to week, for the most part, I don't really know how I'm doing. I mean, I know I'm sticking with my daily points (And not using my weekly points), and I know from the weigh-ins that I'm clearly moving in the right direction, but I can't typically tell you, with any accuracy, if I'm going to have a "good" weigh-in or a "bad" weigh-in from week to week (Though I'm guessing this week won't be as good as last week, since I didn't hit the workouts and cardio as hard).

And while I've objectively made major-league progress, my self-image waxes and wanes from day-to-day and week-to-week; one day I feel good about the way I look, and can see the change (in my face and midsection), and the next, I don't see that I look much different, and am frustrated with the still-substantial "spare tire" around my waist.

But beyond the weekly weigh-ins, offering objective proof that I'm not the same guy I was two months ago, there's my belt; when I started, I was on the verge of having to buy a new belt altogether, cause I could barely get it on, and now, depending on the pants I'm wearing, I'm cinching it at the third or fourth hole (And moving towards having to buy a new belt for the right reason - cause the old one's gotten too big for me).

After this week, when I'm paying my own freight, I'll have a new motivation for continuing my weight-loss; the sooner I lose my weight, the sooner I can become a "lifetime member" (And then - tell me if I'm wrong, any Weight-Watchers out there - I don't have to pay anymore).

And I'm still considering, when the time comes, looking into becoming a WW "Leader"; I think it would be a perfect way to stay motivated to keep the weight off. And if I actually follow-through on my thoughts about quitting ArcLight, it would be a nice way to assure some regular income is still flowing in.

But it's gotten late, and speaking of WW, it's off to my meeting.

Wish me luck...!


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