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9:43 pm - Tues 1/1/08
Weight Watchers #9

Weight Watchers #9

Well, I broke a record for my last WW weigh-in of 2007 this past Sunday: I lost exactly zero pounds.

I was very disappointed, to the point of almost getting a little teary; to "buck myself up", I had to think about how I'd lost almost three pounds the week before, and almost four pounds the week before that.

And I reminded myself that, in the previous week, I'd passed my 10% milestone (26 lbs). Which was something I'd wanted to do by the end of my first ten weeks on the program, while I was still on Jane's dime (She gave me those first ten weeks as "an early Xmas present").

So, yes, while like with the rest of 2007, I would like to have ended things "on a high note" at WW, the momentum is clearly still going in the right direction - In two-and-a-half months, I've lost 27-and-a-half lbs, with only 40 lbs-and-change to go till I reach my 200 lb "target weight".

I'm definitely happier with my appearance than I was, and I think I'm going to be happier still as I shed those remaining lbs.

And last week's disappointing result notwithstanding, it's nice to be able to say that my 200 lb "target" no longer seems like an "impossible dream", but instead, just an eventual reality.


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