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2:32 pm - Weds 10.29.2008
Weight Watchers - Maintenance (Wk 2)
Weds 10/29/08 (12:38 p.m.)

Weight Watchers - Maintenance (Wk 2)

As of my Sunday weigh-in, I’m two weeks into “Maintenance” (Meaning I’ve reached my Weight Watchers “goal weight” of 195 lbs, and in order to become “Lifetime”, have to stay within two lbs of that weight for six weeks; staying within two lbs of my goal weight is also a condition of my continuing employment at Weight Watchers).

According to the “Maintenance” materials, if I want to “maintain” my weight at 195 lbs, I’m supposed to now add three points to my daily point total (Which would mean going from 31 pts to 34 pts). But if I want to continue to lose - And I’ve been thinking I’d like to lose maybe another five lbs - I just stay at 31 pts).

(Then, depending on your weigh-in results, you adjust accordingly; as a number of WW people have told me, “Maintenance” can be tricky.)

I was a little indecisive the first week, basically “splitting the difference” (I did a day or two at 34 pts, then went back to 31)...and I gained .6 lbs, which put me at 194.8 lbs

This week, I stuck with 31 daily pts (Using my full 35 weekly pts)...and had another little gain - .2 lbs - putting me at 195 lbs exactly.

I’m not devastated by my results (a .8 lb gain over two weeks is not exactly “pulling the ripcord”)...but I am a little discouraged - I’d have to “check the records” to be sure, and I’m too lazy to bother, but I don’t think I’ve gained for two weeks running since I started WW.

So I’ve been reflecting on the past couple weeks, to see where I’m ever-so-slightly “falling down on the job”.

I think maybe, in spite of myself, I’ve relaxed a bit upon making my goal weight - my diet has become a bit too PBJ-centric, I’m letting things “slip by” without tracking them, my water consumption and fruit-and-veggie eating has fallen off, etc - and as a result, I’m kinda/sorta “maintaining” when I should be losing still.

I’m concerned, in general, that my eating habits, which I’ve clearly changed over the past year - or else I wouldn’t have lost all this weight - haven’t changed enough.

But at least I impose limits on my bad impulses now - I don’t indulge, then indulge some more, then indulge some more after that.

I still eat a lot, but I don’t eat constantly (I’m not eating now, for example).

I’m still pre-disposed toward “junk food”, but at least now it’s lower-calorie, lower-fat, “Not really good for you, but not that bad for you either” stuff (And even on a “bad day”, I’m still getting in three or four servings of fruits and vegetables, and a couple glasses of water).

Then there’s exercise.

When I started out with WW last year, I also signed up at 24 Hour Fitness, and had a trainer (Back when I was feeling “flush” because of all that sweet, sweet commercial money that was coming in).

The trainer didn’t work me very hard, but at least it was me getting to the gym a couple times a week (And I liked going, because Jennifer - my trainer - was pretty cute).

Then the money well started running dry, and I dropped the trainer.

Over time, my visits to the gym dwindled, and I dropped the gym membership (I knew I would struggle with motivation on my own, but there was nothing else I could do).

Anyway, now I walk, and ride my bike, and so far, it’s served me pretty well. Though I worry about what I’m going to do when I start working a zillion WW meetings a week and/or things heat-up on the acting front, and I don’t have time to bike everywhere, or am just too pooped to walk 60-90 minutes in the evening (The generous amount of leisure I’ve had since May has been why I’ve had the time and energy to walk/bike as much as I have).

Long story short - if that ship hasn’t sailed by now - I’m doing well (As I’ve said before, I probably haven’t weighed under 200 lbs since I was in my 20s) - but am nursing some underlying anxiety about my ability to “keep it up”.

Which maybe is good; better that I worry about “keeping it up” (And “keeping it off”) than to think “Hey, I’ve hit my goal weight, now I can go nuts...!”.

I want this to stick - I don’t want to be a 300-lb tub of goo a couple years down the road, wondering “What the hell happened?”.

And that's not going to happen.

Because I’m going to make sure it doesn’t.


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