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5:37 pm - Tues 11.11.2008
Weight Watchers - Maintenance (Wk 4)

Weight Watchers - Maintenance (WK 4)

Four weeks of official "Maintenance" down, two more to go...

As I've said before, I've reached my official WW "goal weight" (Of 195 lbs), but have been looking to lose an additional five lbs, since 7 lbs makes a better "buffer" than 2 lbs (Whether "Lifetime Member" or WW Employee, you get "dinged" if you go two lbs over your goal weight, so I wanted to have a few more lbs of leeway).

And this week, I lost another 1.6 lbs, bringing me down to 191.6 lbs. So I'm guessing I'll reach my personal goal of 190 lbs within the next week or two.

I told Elaine B., the Leader I work with on Thursday nights, that I was on "Maintenance" but still trying to lose a little more weight, and she acted as if I'd told her I like to play a couple rounds of Russian Roulette every so often - It wasn't just "a bad idea", she said, it was actually dangerous (Though I never got exactly why it was "dangerous", since she had to go and start our meeting).

When I told Lynn K. - the Leader for my Sunday morning meetings - what Elaine had said, she basically told me to "pay no attention to that crazy woman..." (In WW, there seem to be Leaders that are devoted to the "letter" of the WW process, like Elaine, and those who take a more "flexible" view, like Lynn).

And I'm inclined toward Lynn's view - I don't see how it matters (It's not like I'm "skipping a step" or anything; I'll just start on genuine "maintenance" - adding or subtracting points as needed - when I've hit my personal "goal weight").

(Online, it even asks you, when you reach your goal weight, if you want to continue to lose, or to start working on maintaining your weight. So, once again, I'm not sure what Elaine's issue was.)

The way I see it, if I run into a snag in some way, I've now got relationships with at least four different Leaders and a number of Receptionists, so it's not as if there won't be anywhere to go for advice, should I need it.

All that said, I will say this - I do wonder a little if I'm postponing the "maintenance" phase of the process, in part, because I'm afraid of it.

Cause what happens when you reach your goal? What happens after you've climbed the mountaintop?

What then?

I don't have much experience with setting goals and actually reaching them. And I have even less experience in making life changes, then making them stick.

So to be honest, I am nervous about getting to the end of this part of the journey.

And starting the next part...cause the next part never ends.

But I can do it.

I like me at this reduced weight. I like feeling more like "The me I'm supposed to be".

And I like the feeling of having accomplished something that not everyone can do.

This is the guy I want to be. This is the way I want to move through the world.

So that's who I'm going to be. And that's what I'm going to do.


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