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12:27 am - 11.29.2008
Weight Watchers - Maintenance (WK 6)

Weight Watchers - Maintenance (Wk 6)

This past Sunday marked my sixth, and final, week of “Maintenance” on Weight Watchers.

I went in expecting another slight gain, like the week before, since my eating/point-counting hadn’t been all it could’ve/should’ve been (And I was feeling pretty guilty about it).

But I clearly hadn’t reckoned with the dramatic effect of my barium enema “prep” (A 24 hour “fast”, accompanied by various pills and potions designed to “clean out my system”) - I actually ended up losing 3.6 lbs.

(When I recorded the weight on the WW website, I got a message, for the first time ever, that I’m actually losing weight a little too fast for their tastes - WW doesn’t want you averaging more than two lbs a week of weight loss, considering more than two pounds a week potentially “unhealthy”. But anyway...)

Last week’s loss put me at 188.8 lbs, under my 190 lbs “personal goal”, and way under my official WW goal of 195 lbs.

It was fun to post my “Before” and “After” photos (Here, and on my Facebook page), to show people, and more importantly, to remind myself, just how far I’ve come in a year’s time.

(It’s pretty dramatic...if I do say so myself.)

I definitely want to stop losing at this point - I feel like I’m a hop, skip, and a jump from people telling me how good I look, to nervously inquiring about my health (“Jim, you’re so thin - are you dying...?”). And that’s just not the public reaction we’re going for here.

I think, in general, if I’m in a 185-195 lb range, that’s fine - that’s the upper end of my “Healthy Weight Range”, it’s a good “look” for me (Slim, but not emaciated), and it’s something I should be able to maintain without undue stress and strain.

I’m still very worried about my ability to stay motivated, and have been spending a lot of time thinking about things like attending weekly meetings (And am I still going to, now that I’m “Lifetime”?), buying a scale (Since, if I do stop attending weekly meetings, I’m going to have to take charge of weighing myself), and how my working (or not working) at WW will impact my “motivation”.

(Now, whether I’m considering myself a WW Employee or a “Lifetime Member”, I only have to officially weigh myself once a month. But as I’m trying to “stabilize” my weight loss, I’ll need to weigh myself a couple times a week at home).

I did a good thing for myself this past year (And once again, thank you Jane for giving me the jump-start I needed); beyond the issue of just losing weight, I’ve proven to myself that I can set a goal for myself and actually see it through.

That’s a very big deal to me - I don’t think of myself as a guy who ever “sees things through”; I’ve always been more of a guy “who peters out before the finish line...if he bothers to try at all”.

And now I want to build on that good feeling I have from accomplishing a pretty impressive feat, by keeping off the weight I’ve lost. I want to be the guy who “sees things through”, not just for a year’s time, but for a lifetime.

Cause as a “Lifetime” member said today, regarding our mutual “Lifetime” status (I worked an early meeting in West L.A.) - “Now the work really begins...”.


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