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12:07 am - 05.22.2008
Weighty Matters

Weighty Matters

All righty then - What’s been going on, you ask?

Well, I didn’t work Monday (I went to a Weight Watchers meeting for potential new hires. More on that in a moment).

And I didn’t work yesterday (I had my little film job...and I do mean “little” - But again, more on that in a moment).

And I didn’t work today (It was my one scheduled day off this week).

And I’m not working tomorrow (Cause I don’t want to).

When the work schedule came out this past Wednesday, annoyed because they’d once again scheduled me to work six days (when I’m old and tired and pissed off at ArcLight and don’t want to be there six days a week), I put my hours up in the break-room, for people to take my shifts.

That’s how I got yesterday and tomorrow off. It also gave me “cover” for Monday (When you “call out”, you’re supposed to try and get someone to work for you...which I

(Wanting to be “decent” about it, and give them plenty of notice, I actually told a manager Sunday night that I wasn’t going to be in on of course, when I finished my WW meeting on Monday night and checked my cell phone, there was a voicemail from work, wondering where I was; turned out Justin - one of the managers I actually like - hadn’t told anyone about our conversation.)

So anyway, the WW meeting about working at WW was Monday night, at 6:00 p.m., at a WW center in Santa Monica (Just a few blocks from a commercial casting agency where I’ve frequently auditioned).

I’d thought there were going to be dozens of potential employees there, at least.

There were seven - Six women and Yours Truly.

(Apparently, I overestimated Weight Watchers allure as a potential employer. But anyway...)

The meeting was presided over by “Judy”, a WW “Leader”, and Sherry Greene, a WW “Territory Manager”.

So, without boring you to death with a blow-by-blow account of the two-hour meeting, what did I learn?

Probably the most important thing, for my purposes, is that I don’t have to be “Lifetime”, or even at my “goal weight” of 195 lbs, to be hired; WW requires you to be within ten lbs of your “goal weight”, and, if hired, to get to your “goal weight” at a rate of at least two lbs a month, which seems very reasonable.

So as of my last weigh-in, I’m 14 lbs away from consideration...assuming I pass the little online quiz/personality profile that’s required (And that’s a big assumption - So far, I’m 0 for 2 for being hired by places requiring such quizzes).

Lynn - the “Leader” of my Sunday meeting - told me WW doesn’t pay much, and it turns out, she wasn’t lying; you get a “base rate” of $20 per meeting, then a percentage of the take, with “Leaders” getting a bigger slice of the pie than “Receptionists” (So how much you ultimately make depends on how many people come to your meetings, and how much WW “product” they buy).

Everyone who starts at WW starts as a “Receptionist”; after that, you either approach Sherry about becoming a “Leader”, or she notes your “Leader potential” and approaches you.

So, while I don’t imagine anyone’s getting rich working at WW (And I didn’t ask how much of a percentage “Receptionists” and “Leaders” get), it seems there’s the potential to do better financially with WW than I have with ArcLight (And Lynn is a lawyer in real life, so in all likelihood, her definition of “not paying much” differs substantially from mine).

The benefits are pretty good - they offer full medical at full-time, which starts at 27 ½ hours a week (They also have a 401K. And I believe there’s also a discount on WW products, though again, I neglected to ask how much of a discount).

There was more - the possibility of doing higher-paying “work meetings”, needing to attend periodic staff meetings and conferences, etc. - but I think you get the gist (There was also a point in the program where we introduced ourselves. But you know me already. And to be honest, I didn’t find any of the six women there terribly interesting, so moving on...).

In order to “go in with my eyes open”, I’ve thought about the possible “down sides” to working at WW, and the only three things I’ve come up with so far are 1) In order to get in enough hours/meetings to actually pay the bills, I might have to log some pretty early mornings, 2) I might have to drive a lot more (But hopefully not; it would be nice to land meetings somewhere close enough that I could still ride my bike to work. Or else, that might be the incentive I need to buy that scooter I’ve been thinking about for a long time now), and 3) I might find it a little boring to talk about weight and weight-related issues so much of the time (At this point, who can say?).

Yesterday, I did my film gig, as an “Undertaker” in a low-budget film titled Off Hollywood.

(But you know what? I think I’m going to save that for my next entry...)


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