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7:29 am - 01.28.2009
So What Now?

So What Now?

Had my Dairy Queen audition last week, which went well (Callbacks, if I get one are supposed to be tomorrow or Friday).

And, happily, the weather cooperated beautifully for my "big day" Monday; my headshot session that morning went very well (Should have gone to this guy in the first place), and ditto for my theatrical audition in the afternoon.

(If you want to check out some of my headshot session - 51 pictures culled from 409 - here is the link (I'm doing this in a hurry, so if that didn't work, I'll eventually put the "winning" shots up in here anyway.)

After the audition at Donna Rosenstein Casting, I felt a bit of a let-down - I was reminded of the couple of times I did regional theater auditions; a lot of psychic energy going into something that's basically over in a moment.

(I'm still holding out some hope for booking it...but not much. I think I would have heard yesterday if I'd gotten it. But anyway...)

So here I am. I've had my auditions, I've re-done my headshots (I'm waiting on some of my "team" to weigh in on which shots they like, then I'll start putting them on the various casting websites), and I'm signed up for my improv class in March.

What now?

A goal for '09 is to be more "proactive" about my career, to not just have it be about waiting for the phone to ring.

But barring specific tasks to accomplish (Like new headshots), and without auditions to prepare for, without any gigs to announce to the world, what exactly do I do?

What now?


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