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12:19 pm - 05.26.2013
So When IS Your Birthday, Son?

So When IS Your Birthday, Son?

Okay, this is funny...

I got a card from my Mom yesterday (My birthday was on the 15th), and in explaining why the card was late, she wrote, "I knew it was May, but I couldn't remember the date!".

I'm not kidding.

So clearly, that difficulty I have remembering birthdays?

It's genetic.


Trying to decide in what order to proceed here...

Well, it almost seemed too low-key to call a "date"...but I had the "date" with Janet on Wednesday (The woman who expressed an interest in meeting me on the POF dating website).

I have to be pretty circumspect as to what I say here, because she might end up reading it...but in my own estimation, it felt like a pretty big success.

We met up a little after 2:00 pm, after I got off from Weight Watchers (Speaking of which, I got some flack from some of my WW coworkers, because of scheduling this outing in conjunction with my work schedule - Janet lives in S.M., while I work there the one day a week - but when I told Janet about it, she laughed off their objections).

We got a couple passion-fruit iced teas at Starbucks, then the two of us and her dog Haley (A very cute King Charles Spaniel), drove to a nearby park and just walked around and chatted, as Janet periodically threw a ball for Haley to fetch (I remember thinking at one point, "I wish I liked doing anything as much as Haley likes chasing down that ball...").

We hung out for the better part of two hours, talking about this and that, and it felt good enough, on my end, that I asked her about doing something coming up (Seeing Ado About Nothing at the Aero - Howard and Nathaniel are going as well) before we were done.

Anyway, in the time since, we've talked on the phone, and are currently corresponding via email (Who knew we'd get to a time when email would seem quaintly "old fashioned"...?).

Like I said, I don't think I should be "laying everything out here", for obvious reasons, but also because, beyond the fact we went out and it seemed to go well, I don't know exactly what comes next.

But the fact that something comes next is a step further than I've gotten in quite awhile when it comes to this sort of thing, so I have to say, I'm encouraged (Though the last email I received from her has left me somewhat flummoxed, in terms of how to reply; We're getting into some "nitty-gritty" stuff way faster than I would have imagined going in, and it seems like the kind of stuff that could land a potential "relationship" in the "friend zone" very easily).

But she's smart and funny, and kind of profane, and I'm definitely...interested.

And that's good enough for now.


Sun 5/26/13 (5:35 pm)

Heading out in a bit...

I've said it in here a number of times, I'm sure, but I think it's important to "take note" of all the times "I get what I want", when things actually "go my way". Because then, when I'm depressed, I can't really believe the inner voice telling me "Nothing ever goes my way! I never get what I want!".

It's been slow, and I was thinking I needed to steel myself for nothing to happen for the next good long while.

But on Friday I had an audition for a series of ESPN Internet promos (That, if I'd booked them, would have meant a trip to NYC), and on Tuesday, I have an audition for a Footlocker commercial.

And the True Blood folks called Brett recently - They may need me to film an "establishing shot" in the episode after the two I'm already in.

So if that turns out to be the case, I'm "pinned" for the 7th of next month.


I've got the chance to make some money, I've got an interesting thing happening socially (It seems a bit premature to say "romantically"), and I got a birthday card from my Mom (Even if she doesn't remember what day it is).

Things could clearly be worse.


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