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4:55 pm - Weds 2/14/07
Yesterday In Review

Yesterday In Review

Writing this entry off-line, I was going on and on about a fitting yesterday for the Comcast shoot (In short, it was kind of unpleasant), but I just now realized I was devoting way more Diaryland space to it than it deserved.

So I'm going to start over.

Had a busy day yesterday.

In the morning, I had a regional commercial audition for Pala Casino, to play the "hero", a Texas oil tycoon named "Hoyt".

Going in, I'd assumed it was just one spot, so while I thought it would be "fun"--playing an actual "character" and all--I didn't think it was any big deal.

But if I got this, it turns out it would be a very big deal--"Hoyt" is not just the "hero" of the spot; he's going to be the Casino's commercial spokesperson, with multiple commercials, public appearances and so on.

A sweet gig ("Sweet" as in "I could live on this for awhile...").

And the audition was really fun; in addition to there being an actual little monologue to deliver, I had to improvise as "Hoyt" (I was especially proud of my response when asked if I'd mind being massaged by beautiful women in a spot--"I'd bear up under the strain best I could...").

Even though I'd had fun doing the audition, on the way out, I was uncertain about how it had gone, because the breakdown said "over the top", and I'd heard a couple other actors auditioning who were way more "over the top" than I was, with a lot of extra "YA-HOO"s and "YEE-HA"s and what-have-you (The breakdown basically told actors they could "cut loose", and I left wondering if I had "cut loose" enough).

But happily, it looks like my comparatively restrained performance might have "cut through the clutter", because I have a callback tomorrow at 11:00.

This is unchartered territory, so of course there's some anxiety to go along with the excitement--If I book the job, how will this sort of long-term commitment affect my ability to get/take other work? Will I be typecast? Etc.--but I think I'd really have to bend things way out-of-shape to see this, if I got it, as anything but a huge "win".

(As I write this, I'm afraid I'm going to get a call from Comcast any second, telling me we're shooting tomorrow. So please think good thoughts for the shoot happening next week, or at least some time that'll let me do this callback. Cause I'd be beside myself if I lost out on this opportunity to make more money and have more fun).


The Comcast fitting I mentioned earlier was at noon yesterday(Originally, it was scheduled at 4:00, but I asked if it could be changed because it conflicted with ArcLight. So they told me to come in at noon; unfortunately, no one told the wardrobe person--which seems odd--because when I arrived, she was definitely annoyed that I was there so early. But anyway...).

It was chaotic, and disorganized, and the stressful vibe kind of infected me, when all I wanted was to feel hopeful about the audition I'd just had.

Anyway, as I left, the wardrobe person asked me to bring in some more "choices" from home when I came to the set "tomorrow". But apparently, the "tomorrow" part was just part of the aforementioned "chaos", since I did not, in fact, shoot today (In contrast, when I did the "Bahamavention" commercial, they had call times and maps and the whole nine yards available right at the fitting).


At 3:00, I had a P&L meeting at ArcLight.

(P&L stands for "profit and loss"; each quarter, groups of crew members have to meet with a manager to get the low-down on how the theater operates, including how much it's making.)

Last time I participated in a P&L meeting, I left feeling pretty damned resentful--here ArcLight was, making 20 cents on the dollar, while I had no insurance and was struggling to pay my bills--but this time out, with some money in the bank and not having to depend so heavily on my meager ArcLight wage, I was fine (It didn't hurt that Joshua was the manager for my group's meeting--What was supposed to take three hours was actually done in a little over two. And it wasn't nearly as painful as I'd feared).


All told, yesterday was one of those days where, if you'd tweaked things just a little bit (Make the fitting more pleasant, change the ArcLight meeting to play rehearsal or a performance or a workshop or something like that--even change it for some fun social outing--and it would have been exactly the way I want my days to go out here).


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