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9:32 am - Sat 12.25.2010
Happy Holidays, From Diaryland to Your Land

Happy Holidays, From Diaryland To Your Land

(Haven't given myself much time to do this - I need to start getting ready in about half an hour (Going to Cary and Kay's, in Santa Clarita) - but wanted to write something...)

In recent days, two of my Facebook friends told me they'd gotten three or four Diaryland notification emails from me in quick succession...which was worrisome, because I hadn't sent any Diaryland notifications recently.

I was afraid the website ( had been compromised somehow. But when I read the messages that someone had gotten, they were indeed from me - only weeks old.

So anyway, it was good - I guess - to know that my die-hard "fans" were not getting spammed, but were just getting notified of my entries in a most untimely fashion.

So anyway...

It's Xmas day at last.

As I said, I'm going to Cary and Kay's in a bit, so I've got a nice thing to do today, and won't be alone, sitting in my darkened closet eating Cap'n Crunch - My Xmas holiday tradition in years past (Actually, I've done various things those times I've spent Xmas alone - sometimes going out, sometimes staying home - but I think "sitting in a darkened closet eating Cap'n Crunch" is a particularly potent image).

At Group a couple weeks back, I shared that, for me, the holidays always have to be "dealt with" to one degree or another; One year may be more or less challenging than another, but I never exactly sail through them.

But while I may be "jumping the gun" - there's still New Year's to contend with, after all - this year the holidays haven't been that big a deal.

As I told Margaret C. in a recent (possibly ill-advised) phone call, I'm not a child, I'm not a parent, and I'm not a Christian, so when it comes down to it, why should Xmas mean a great deal to me?

I send out cards - about 25 this year - do what little giving I can afford to, and typically get more than I give.

I have people I care about and people who care about me, I got through the year and was able to pay my bills and have some fun, and I continue to be in a position to pursue my dream (Which went pretty well this year...but more on that in my next entry).

For all that I'm grateful.

And without getting too maudlin about it, I'm grateful for you, O Reader of My Diaryland Journal. Whether you know it or not, you've all become part of my makeshift "extended family".

And now I'm off...but I'm also leaving

I hope you all have a Very Merry...! :)


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