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3:17 pm - Sunday, Dec. 10, 2006


I'm a little worried about some emails that came from ACG recently...

ACG is moving as of February. They didn't say why in the email, so all I can do is speculate, which isn't usually a good thing for me to do (Since I tend towards bleakness with my theories). So I will probably just ask, when I go in for a workshop on Thursday.

Hopefully it's just that, with two business concerns now--ACG and Proactive Management--they're getting too big for their small space. That would be the good explanation.

But the other email leads me to believe it's more about money (The rent's going up and they have to find someplace cheaper, or they got evicted cause they couldn't PAY the rent, or...something else bad); the email said they're dropping the "A List" pricing, because it hasn't proven "economically viable".

(Quick explanation--Workshops are typically $30 a shot. But if you are an "A Lister", you pay $100 and can get five workshops. And after the five, additional workshops are just $15 each.)

Honestly? I didn't really see how that was going to work out when they first came up with the idea.

I think they didn't expect so many people to sign up for it. They probably thought they'd still be making a lot of money from people signing up for workshops one-at-a-time, and at the same time have a steady "income stream" from the "A Listers". But instead, some 40 people signed up for the "A List" before they recently announced a cut-off.

I'm not happy about the moving (I like where they are, and am afraid they'll move someplace more of a pain-in-the-ass for me to get to), and am definitely not happy about paying more for workshops next year (And there's no guarantee they'll even be able to keep the regular price of workshops down to $30 a month. That'll depend on wherever they end up, and what the overhead will be.)

But obviously, I'll have to make it work out, whatever the change in circumstances.

The bigger issue, for me personally, is a fear that both these concerns (ACG and PMG) will go under financially, or Brett will simply tire of trying to keep both things going and bail (He also has an acting career of his own he's trying to get going).

But none of that is happening tomorrow. And maybe it won't be happening at all-- Brett has actually had more success than the average starting agent or manager with PMG (I'm not the only one who has booked something in something like the six months since PMG started), so who knows? Maybe the success I'm predicting for myself in '07 will help keep ACG/PMG afloat.

That would be nice.


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