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9:05 AM - Weds 11.30.22

An Actor Prepares...To Sing

Well finally some shit is happening...!

I've been kinda "down" since concluding our film festival "World Tour" for 2022.

And, suspecting I'd have a pretty big letdown afterward, I was hoping the "high" of being on the festival circuit would be replaced by the "high" of getting auditions and booking gigs.

But as I should know by now, "acting" doesn't bend to my whims - There's been nothing since I got back.

Till now.

On Monday, I got a self-tape audition for a sitcom, followed quickly by a live audition for a commercial yesterday (I was pleased with myself for knocking the self-tape out very quickly. And aside from the frightening presence of my "nemesis" - who shall remain nameless, but who frequently beats me out of jobs - yesterday's commercial audition went very well).

And today I have another commercial audition.

And to my great delight, like the KFC spot that's currently running, it's another musical one - Beyond just being fun, I think worse things could happen than commercial casting people becoming aware I can sing (And the spot has a celebrity lead, which is also good - I've often joked that if people see me with enough celebrities, they might get confused and start thinking I'm a celebrity. Which would then help with the whole "getting auditions and booking gigs" thing).

As I said to Jane yesterday, auditions don't have a very long "shelf-life" before they kind of "curdle", becoming, more often than not, just another gig I didn't get.

But at the moment, with two auditions "at play" and another one coming up, I'm in a nice little space where anything is possible.

While I always want things to be happening on the acting front, there's a particular sense of urgency this year, because, last time I looked, I'm still over $3000 away from making enough to get health insurance next year.

(I'm hoping that KFC will push me over-the-top - the shoot fee and the two days of ADR should be a good chunk all by itself. And hopefully, I'll get at least one residual check before the end of the year - but it would be nice to have the "wiggle room" of another gig. Or two. Or three.)


(11:35 am)

(Back, post-therapy and post-conversation with Jane, both of which felt productive and enjoyable.)

Beyond the recent spate of auditions, it doesn't feel like there's very much to say...

(But wait! In a late-breaking bulletin...)

Not knowing what to write about next, on a whim, I just went to the SAG Health Plan website to check on my earnings.

I was thinking this was a dumb thing to do, because I just checked a few days ago and didn't expect to see any change...but the previously-mentioned shoot fee and two days of ADR (Automatic Dialogue Replacement) for KFC has come in, and now I'm just $147-and-change shy of making the goal (Which I'll undoubtedly make in residuals alone before the year is out).

Even if I expected this to happen, it's still a relief to have it be all but "in the bag". Nice to be able to put that worry on the back-burner till April 2024.

And even though I think it's been a long time since I've walked into an audition smelling "desperate" to get the job, I'm still pleased at the timing of this news - Now I'll be able to walk into this afternoon's thing with nothing on my mind except wanting to "show off" and have fun.

Which, in this actor's opinion, is how you book jobs.

And on that note, this feels like the perfect time to wrap this up, finish my lunch, and make sure I have this song down (My character only has two lines in the thing, but the notice said be prepared to sing the other parts as well, so that is what I shall do).

Till next time...



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