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9:46 pm - Mon 9.20.2010
My Acting Thing

My Acting Thing

The big news from LA - I booked the "Lighting Man" role on Mr Sunshine.

It shoots on Wednesday.

(The "pin" for Shameless is still "in play", so cross your fingers on that one.)

Right now, I'd like nothing more than to be luxuriating in my success...but instead, I'm stressing over getting someone to work my Wednesday WW shifts.

Which is one reason why, even though I'm pretty okay with working at Weight Watchers, I'd rather not be working at Weight Watchers (Or at any "straight job", for that matter) - I don't want to worry about "screwing people over" at my job because I'm off doing my acting thing, and I don't want to worry about losing my job because I'm off doing my acting thing.

I just want to do my acting thing.

But anyway...

Weight Watchers aside, this is pretty cool; I'm a big fan of getting things I want, and I wanted this.

I did an "At Work" meeting with Lynn today (Lynn was the WW Leader I lost my weight with), and when I told her I'd booked the job, I semi-joked that I hoped people would "get confused" by seeing me onscreen with Matthew Perry and assume I must be a tv star too.

Now, that's not too likely - it's just one line, after all - but seriously, this does feel like a nice opportunity, and it doesn't seem ridiculous to imagine it could help me, career-wise.

But beyond that, it's just cool; I watched Matthew Perry on Friends for years - Now I'm going to get to meet him...and work with him.

Beyond the potential career boost, and the general coolness of getting to do a little "scene" with Matthew Perry, I received more happy news about Mr Sunshine today; I didn't expect this at all, but my "team" - Brett and Sharon - actually got them to pay my "quote".

(Basically, if someone casts you, and pays you some amount above scale, on subsequent jobs, that becomes your "quote". So since the good folks at Monk paid me a little more than scale, and the good folks at Castle paid me a little more than that, my quote is now a couple hundred dollars over scale.)

Parks and Recreation didn't go for it, and neither did Eagle Heart, but for whatever reason, the Mr Sunshine folks did.

Well, I wanted to write much more about this, and related topics, but the time has slipped away from me.

And I don't want to be less than my perky best at tomorrow's audition, just because it takes me hours on end to write a basic journal entry.


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