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10:27 am - Thu 10/10/02
\"You'll have to call my agent about that...\"

"You'll have to call my agent about that..."

Feels like forever-and-a-day since I've written in here...

Well, I don't know if it qualifies as a "cliffhanger", but in case anyone's been wondering, I did get my confirmation call from JS Represents, the commercial agency I met with on Friday.

They called on Monday morning, around 11 am, to say that if I was "still interested" (?), they wanted to work with me.

(Please insert "Yee-ha!", "Woo-Hoo!", and other happy exclaimations here...)

(While it might not have been much of a "cliffhanger"--I was basically "in" after the meeting on Friday--I was relieved to get the call nevertheless; I've gotten excited about things out here before, only to have Fate pull the rug out from under me--"Sure you can be in our show, Jim. It'll just cost you $300..."--so I was anxious to have any trace of doubt removed.)

On Tuesday, I went in to fill out some forms--basic personal info, along with a "skill sheet"--and to get some company logo stickers to put on my resumes (The "skill sheet" made me feel a little anxious; There are a number of things I can "sort of" do, and I don't want to sell myself short, but at the same time, I don't want to be at a commercial audition because, let's say, I told them I could tap--I can do a couple time steps--and have them expecting Gregory Hines!).

Yesterday I went back, to give them 50 copies of my headshot with my amended resume stapled to the back (I had the resumes cut-to-size at the copy shop. Cost a little extra, but for me, well worth the expense; For whatever reason, I've never been good with scissors).

So anyway, now we're officially in business.

And speaking of "business"...

One thing I was a little vague on that makes this new relationship even more exciting; I assumed, since I was non-union, that I'd be sent out only non-union things (I also assumed that meant I'd be making less money). But they'll be sending me out on union calls, and when I book my second union commercial, I'll be in the union!

On Monday, I was given some handouts to take with me. One was a listing of casting agencies, while the other was just general information, and a listing of what the agency expects from its actors.

That tone of that latter handout kind of bugged me. It was full of "We're not your mother"-type sentiments, and commonsense things like "Show up on time" and "Use deodorant" and that sort of thing (The belittling tone ran very much counter to the meeting I'd had on Friday, which I'd thought was very cordial).

But to my credit, it only took a moment for me to realize the tone of this handout was actually a positive thing; If they were sounding like strict parents, it was only because they've dealt with lots of actors who behave like unruly children, and since I fully plan to show up on time and use deodorant (And not tell anyone I'm Gregory Hines when I can only do a couple time steps), I'm going to be golden at this agency.

I told Kevin recently that I feel like I've pretty much mastered the art of "showing up"; When it comes to acting, I show up because I genuinely want to be there, while in "real life", I've shown up because I thought it was one of the few things I had to offer!

It was also while chatting with Kevin that I had maybe the most positive moment I've had since being out here; I was chatting with him while stapling resumes to the back of my headshots, and thought, "I'm actually doing it. It's not just talk anymore--I'm doing it, and what's more, I'm going to succeed".

I don't know if I can fully explain how wonderful it felt to have that thought pop into my head, unbidden.

I didn't come out here immediately expecting fame and fortune; What's been daunting has been the challenge of just figuring out what to do, how to be seen (As I've told various people since being out here, it'll feel like progress when I get to the place where I'm constantly rejected!).

The Geffen audition was a tremendous boost, even though I was all-but-certain nothing was going to come of it; It was a long shot, but at least I was being seen. I was being given a chance. It was a tantalizing glimpse of the other side. And just in terms of the experience I had that day, and how much I enjoyed myself, it clarified in my mind the way I want things to be going out here (Which is, in short, "More acting and less Borders").

And now I've been signed with this commercial agency. And while I have concerns--Would I be Jim Hoffmaster if I didn't?--what's mostly occupying my thoughts is that this is something absolutely brimming with positive potential--Potential for making life more interesting, for gaining valuable experience, for making extra money, for making more important connections...well, I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

Another step. Another opportunity.

I'm actually doing this...


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