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11:17 am - Thurs 9/13/07
Another Step Towards Celebrity A-Hole Status

Another Step Towards Celebrity A-Hole Status

Sun 9/9/07 (5:12 p.m.)

I’ve got eight minutes to write whatever I’m going to write...

Well, I would have liked more Michigan vacation, but it was a very busy first week back, acting-wise, and that was a nice consolation prize.

I’ve had three workshops (two were really fun, and one made me want my money back), and two commercial auditions (The Playstation one was pretty forgettable; the one for Pinnacle golf balls–where I played Mr Soft-T-Man--was a hoot , particularly after Marvin The Camera Guy told me I could do whatever I wanted on the second take. And that one was for a series of four spots, which would be nice).

And tomorrow, around Noon, I have an audition for Monk.

I’m sure I’ve said this before–probably a number of times before--but the feast-or-famine nature of auditions is a much bigger issue for me than the constant rejection everyone talked about before I came out here; it’s pretty tough to keep your spirits up when you feel like you’re not even in the game.

But my time is up. I’ve gotta get myself to work...where I’ll dream of commercial bookings and tv co-star roles.

Weds 9/12/07 (2:04 p.m.)

Well, I’m guessing nothing happened with Monk (I think I would have known by now, since it shoots on Friday). Disappointing, but it was nice to be there, just the same. And the credit would have been nice, and the money would have been nice as well. Though once again, it was a nothing part–Just one, pretty generic line as “Coffee Vendor Guy”, responding to police canvassing a crime scene.

(The experience I had made me think about the “basic nature” of co-star roles, and how they’re very different from larger, guest star/recurring roles, in terms of what you’re trying to accomplish, but I don’t really have time to “get into it” right now.)

I have a callback for the Playstation commercial today (The “pretty forgettable” one I went in for last Thursday). Again, not exactly a big acting showcase, but I need to book some more things just to keep the money flowing in; at this point, I haven’t put anything in savings, or bought myself anything pretty, for awhile now.

(Though I did buy myself $170 worth of new harmonicas while I was back in Michigan, in preparation for “Jam Camp” in October.)

Work was, by and large, pretty pleasant this week–or at least not un-pleasant–if you overlook the fact that I nearly got into a fistfight with one of our “guests” late Monday night, when I was closing Guest Services.

(I probably should write about this–insight into my character, my desire to “not have to deal with this shit...”, etc.-- but I’m tired of talking about it, thinking about it, etc, and I don’t want it “taking over” this entry. Let me just say, as I said on my MySpace page, that the episode makes the aforementioned “guest” look like a major asshole, but I’m not sure I come off that much better).

Thurs 9/13/07 (9:58 a.m.)

Well, seems I was premature in assuming I didn’t book Monk...because I did!

(I’d like to respond to this news with a heartfelt “YAY!!” And for good measure, maybe a Homer Simpson-ish “WOO-HOO!!!”)

I got the call from Molly last night, as I was coming back from my Playstation callback (Which I drove to on a tire that was missing a good portion of its rubber, something I realized on my way there–Thank God for AAA).

As I said before, the part is nothing too exciting, but it’s a show I like (I don’t watch it all the time, but I’ve seen a couple episodes, and think it’s a lot of fun), and It's a show people seem to have a lot of affection for, which is nice (With these small, small parts, I’d like it if people are able to watch for my appearance, but then enjoy the show as well).

And it’s another credit, the importance of which can’t be overstated; I don’t know how many co-star credits equal a crack at guest-star roles, but this is definitely how you get to guest-star status; a casting director gets your submission, sees that you have, say, a dozen co-stars on your resume–indicating 1. A lot of other people like you, and 2. You’ve logged enough on-camera time to not freeze up or otherwise make the casting person look bad–and they have you come in.

Well, I want to write more, but I also want to post this, and get the good news out.

And I also want to take a celebratory nap.


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