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3:56 pm - Tuesday, Apr. 11, 2006
As The Kids Say, \"It's All Good\"

As The Kids Say, "It's All Good"

Haven't given myself much time to do this, but wanted to get something out about yesterday's audition...

Long story short, I think it went well.

I got there ten minutes before my appointment time--3:00 p.m.--and was the only person there, much to my surprise, But nothing happened till about 25-after, when after both coming back from a trip to the bathroom, Ivy put me me on tape (A tape that would then be digitized, and sent to the producers).

While it was going on, I had two concerns:

One, when she said I was the first person up, and she wasn't sure how she wanted to tape the scene (When that happens--As it has sometimes at commercial auditions--I worry that they're going to "work the bugs out" with me, and the other people are going to look better once they figure out how they really want to shoot it).

And, two, when she had a "brainstorm"--She thought it would be funny if I were eating a donut while saying my lines...but they didn't have any donuts (I would have been fine with eating a donut--I like donuts--but since they didn't have any, I left worried, again, that the next actors would have a humorous advantage of donut-eating on camera. Not to mention that the other actors would have gotten a free donut out of the deal. If she decided she really liked the idea, and went out to get donuts...which she probably didn't have time to do).

But crazy actor-worries aside, I was fine. I did what got me there in the first place, had my lines down, and was very professional and pleasant the whole time.

We did two takes of the scene--one as if my scene partner was to my left, and one where I addressed Ivy directly (She was reading the other security guard lines back and just to the right of the camera).

Afterwards, I felt a bit of an emotional letdown--You look forward to something like this for days, and when it happens, it's over in a few minutes.

But then there was an odd, amusing "epilogue", that I'm going to choose to see as a positive omen: Hours later, when I was at the theater, Justin (A coworker who was off-duty, about to see a movie), asked me how the audition had gone.

We were on either side of the Zone 1 lobby at the time, and just as I took a step over to him to answer his question, Ivy walks in between us, sees me, and says "Hi!" (She had been at a premiere that was just letting out).

I said "Hi!" back, asked her what she'd seen (Which is when she told me she'd been at the premiere), and as she was walking away, she said, "You did very well today...".

As you might imagine, I loved that, since she said it in front of Justin, and a number of ushers I'd been talking to a moment before.

So anyway, it's out of my hands now. If something's going to happen, it'll happen in the next couple days.

But even if nothing comes of this directly, I feel like it's still a "plus" for me--I think I'll be back in their office before too long. I'm pretty certain I made a good impression on Ms Isenberg.

But now I have to make a good impression at the ArcLight, by showing up on time...


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