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4:48 pm - Weds 1/17/07
I ask for it, and it comes true

I Ask For It, And It Comes True (Wish I’d Known It Was That Simple 20 YEARS Ago.)

Thurs 1/11/07 (11:30 p.m.)

Well, I’ve figured out how to get more auditions this year–Apparently, all I need to do is schedule a weekly doctor’s appointment.

I had an appointment to see the QueensCare ENT guy today, for my “sinusitis”, but had to postpone again–this is postponement #3–because I had an audition for a print job (For some new snack-food product; I was supposed to be a “lazy guy”, and in the audition, I basically made faces at an orange. Which seemed kind of stupid, but for $2500, I can do “stupid”).

Anyway, that was in the morning.

In the afternoon, I had a callback for Propel Fitness Water, playing a “sleazy” paparazzi (With three other guys–what’s the plural of “paparrazzi”?–I’m taking pictures of Julia Roberts, or someone along those lines, when my attention is drawn away by some healthy babe drinking Propel).

And yesterday, I had an audition for the Washington State Lottery, playing a “loser” who suffers from “Wanted Poster Syndrome” (He’s constantly getting bum-rushed by the police, the FBI, etc., cause he looks like your typical guy on the “Wanted” poster). Apparently, winning the Washington State Lottery eases his pain.

So add those to the Criminal Minds audition, and the year has gotten off to a pretty quick start.

(Regarding the commercial auditions, and the type of things I’m going in for: It’s still kind of weird to imagine people looking at my headshot, where I tried to look my best and be all warm and personable, and saying, “Yeah, let’s definitely bring him in for the lazy/sleazy/loser role...”. It’s an odd position to be in, having people verify your worst fears/insecurities about your appearance–and maybe even about yourself as a person-while still hoping you’ll get the job.)


Speaking of “loser roles”...

My “Bahamavention” commercial is getting lots of attention. More and more coworkers are reporting having seen it (And one of the managers emailed it to the entire “leadership team”), I’ve gotten emails from people across the country, and even a number of ArcLight “guests” have mentioned it.

I’m happy the spot “works”–If you remember, I’d had some “concerns” the day it was shot–and it’s pretty cool that people often start laughing when they mention it to me. Even if it’s “just a commercial”, it’s fun for me to think that lots of people saw something I did and enjoyed it.

Jane recently mentioned that her son Teddy–an artist who now works in the ad business–saw the spot, and was very impressed (Not just with me, but with the concept and execution in general).

Apparently, he expressed a mild concern about my getting stuck in commercial-world (Type-cast as a “commercial actor”, basically).

Being a worrier by nature, I’ve thought about that. But unless I become the next “Mr Whipple” or “Maytag Repairman”, I don’t see it happening. And in any case, I certainly don’t see it happening tomorrow, or on the strength of one commercial.

Actually, since coming out here, I’ve seen a number of people I recognize from commercials on series tv (Just tonite, as a matter of fact, I saw my “Mother” in the “Bahamavention” spot on My Name Is Earl, a show I’d like to get on).

Tues 1/16/07 (4:14 p.m.)

What I Really Need Is To Book Another National Commercial...Oh Wait, Here's One NOW...

If I'd started this a half-hour earlier, I would have opened with the happy news that my first residual check for the "Bahamavention" commercial is on the way (With an "Internet Usage" check hopefully close on its heels). It’s an amount of money which means, at the very least, that I don’t have to worry about paying rent/bills for awhile.

But that happy news now takes a backseat to even happier news--I booked the Propel commercial!

They're going to be calling me for a fitting tomorrow, and the one-day shoot is going to be either this Thursday, Sunday, or Monday (If I had a vote on the matter, I'd vote for shooting on Thursday, since it's one of my days off. But under the circumstances, it looks like I'll be able to absorb the loss of one day's ArcLight wages, if need be).

I feel pretty jazzed right now (Though that could be the celebratory Diet Coke I just had); I've been telling everyone around me that I wanted to book another national while the "Bahamavention" spot is still running...and here we are.

(I wanted to write more, but I just took the opportunity to crow to Bill H. about my good fortune when he came online, and now, as they say on tv, "We're out of time...". I've got to get in a little sack-time before work tonite, cause I'm closing retail, and that means it's going to be a long night. But you can rest assured, I'll be writing a lot more about this new gig in the days to come...along with a few other semi-interesting things.)

Weds 1/17/07 (3:40 p.m.)

Had my fitting for Propel a few hours ago (They asked me to bring in some different “looks”, and ended up hanging onto a black pair of jeans, some black khakis, and a black polo shirt with horizontal while pinstripes. They weren’t interested in my blue jeans or beige khakis, and most of the shirts I brought were “too busy” for camera. But anyway...).

Yesterday at work, I was telling anyone who’d listen about booking the commercial. But I thought about it--after the fact--and in the future, I think I’ll keep this stuff a little more on the down-low; just write about it in here, and keep exulting in my good fortune limited to close friends and people who actually ask, “Have you booked any gigs lately...?”.

( After a time–when I was telling the twentieth ArcLight person how excited I was, and going on ad nauseam about this being “exactly what the doctor ordered”--I was actually starting to annoy myself a little.)

I was hoping to be told at the fitting when we’re shooting–like with the “Bahamavention” spot-but I wasn’t. I’m mildly “put out” by that, because I want to be a good guy (And give Mark some notice if I’m not going to be able to walk the dog tomorrow, and give ArcLight some notice if I’m not going to be in to work on Sunday or Monday), and this doesn’t allow me to be “a good guy”. But what can I do? I’ll just have to “roll with it”, and hope I’ll get “good karma points” for my heart being in the right place, even if circumstances don’t allow me to act on it.

(I just got off the phone with Molly, ostensibly to give them a “head’s up” about a possible conflict with theatrical auditions, but mostly just to do some more “exulting in my good fortune”.)

I am, in a word, thrilled by this development.

It’s the second time now I’ve very quickly gotten what I specifically asked for.

And if I’d have known it was that easy, I would have started asking for things a lot sooner.


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