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9:14 am - Weds 2/13/08
AT&T Comes Calling

AT&T Comes Calling

Got the call from JS yesterday - I booked AT&T!

I have a fitting in Santa Monica at 11:00 (which meant having to cancel a brunch date with Patrick M.), and the shoot is on the 25th.

Itís not a national - itís a cable and ďwild spotĒ deal - so I donít expect it to bring in Propel-style money (for the uninitiated, Propel was my big money-making spot last year). But itís a sure bet itíll bring in more money than a day at ArcLight (And who knows? Maybe it runs for the next couple years and makes me three or four times as much as Propel).

In any case, it's me working, and that's a good thing.

One sticky issue; I have to call Brett - my "manager" - to book out for that day (I should call Vicki too, just in case), which means telling him I've booked a commercial, which means he'll be expecting a cut.

And I don't want to pay him a cut for commercials, because he has absolutely nothing to do with my commercial work; that's all me and J.S.

But I'm afraid to get into this with Brett, because in terms of theatrical stuff, he got me three times the auditions Vicki did last year (Vicki's my theatrical agent), and I don't know what I'd do if this stuff came up and he said, "You have to pay me something for commercials, or I won't represent you" (Which I think would be stupid on his part - getting something from me, like a percentage of my theatrical work, is better than getting nothing - but might be "the principle of the thing" for him).

But for now, it's off to my fitting...


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