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2:35 am - Sunday, Oct. 03, 2004
\"Dramatic Audition\" (2)

Dramatic Audition

Thinking a lot about the Dramatic Audition thing coming up on Thursday.

I have to actually memorize a monologue, for one thing–and decide which of the two monologues I want to do--but all that's a given; what I'm really thinking about is how else I need to prepare for the day (Remember snacks, buy a suit bag, get some stuff dry-cleaned, etc).

Big issue? How I'm going to get there, and when. It starts at 9:00, but I imagine this might be the kind of thing where people are camping out and shit (I won't be, however, because I'm not a kid anymore–If I did that, I'd be even more exhausted than usual, with zero juice left when it came time to actually perform). I think I'll be content with getting there maybe an hour or so early, and I'll probably end up driving (Though I imagine parking's going to be a bitch, since everyone and their mother will be at the theatre. Maybe I'll check out the MTA "Trip Planner" website, and bus there...).

I'm not sure I've said what I get, should I have the good fortune to be the big winner: The "Grand Prize" is to be "set up"out here in L.A.-- You get a year's rent, an agent, acting classes, and $50,000.

That is really everything I want right now. It really is. I wouldn't want to star in a "TNT Original Movie", for example, because that could suck, and sink my career before it starts. And even the prize money is just right, because I honestly just want a "leg-up"; if they paid me a million bucks, that might be kinda nice, but then it would be kind of immaterial whether I "make it" or not.

I forget exactly what the "finalists" get, but it was something like "a trip out to Hollywood" (Not exactly a big deal to me at this point, since I'm about a mile away), and "a callback audition" (That confused me when I read it: A "callback audition" for what?).
And twenty "semi-finalists" get $1000, which is nothing to sneeze at.

The odds are very long here, so I think I'm going to try and relax, and just see it as "an interesting experience" (I just hope I actually get to audition; in the rules, they make a point that just because you show up at one of the auditions, that doesn't mean they have to let you audition).


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