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12:50 pm - Thurs 6.17.2010
Back In Michigan

Back In Michigan

This should probably be a "quickie" because I screwed around on Facebook while Jane was away, and now she's back and may need the computer (See, she actually uses her computer to conduct business, instead of for Facebook and porn, like Yours Truly. But anyway...)

Got into Grand Rapids - since it was cheaper than coming all the way to Lansing - around 9:00 pm on Tuesday...which was almost 4 1/2 hours later than scheduled.

Under the heading of "It's funny now" - After the first, four-hour leg of the journey, I expressed my relief that, after a brief layover in Atlanta, I was less than two hours from my destination.

It turned out to be the textbook definition of "famous last words"...

First they announced the cockpit radio wasn't working, and they were trying to find the part (And might have to get it from Detroit!).

Then they decided to switch planes.

Then they had to scare up another crew, since the crew on that plane had already pulled a 14 hour shift.

Then the airport was grounded because of thunderstorms, which backed everything up (At one point, we were 25th in line for takeoff).

Then we were waiting for the catering people (At which point, the passengers said, en masse, "@#$! the @$%!! peanuts, get us out of here!").

So, to sum up, that was a very long day for Jim.

But I'm here - "here" being with Mark and Jane - and have been having a great time thus far.

Having never had a "busy social life", it's actually been a little stressful trying to schedule multiple "play dates" while I'm here - it's an organizational muscle that's never gotten much use - but I'm doing the best I can (So my apologies, in advance, to anyone who wanted to see me while I was in Michigan, and didn't get the chance).

I think it's going to end up shaking down the way it did last time I was back - I thought (And was actually a little afraid) things would be wall-to-wall, exhaustingly busy, when I really had just about enough to do to satisfy me.

Yesterday afternoon, we went out on Mark's boat - an eight person pontoon - and putted around on the Grand for a couple hours.

It's been a while since I've been on a boat, and I'd really forgotten how nice it is - very relaxing (And it occurred to me how rare it is that I actually feel "relaxed").

And the weather, which had looked "iffy" earlier, ended up being pretty much perfect, so all-in-all, I'd say that was an afternoon very well spent.

In the evening, borrowing a vehicle from Mark and Jane, I went to the Peanut Barrel to meet my friends from Schuler Books (Officially the best "regular job" I've ever had).

Having spent almost ten years in Hollywood now, you'd think I'd know better than to arrive at a party right on time, but no: I got to the Peanut Barrel on the dot at 8:00...and no one was there.

(When it was almost 8:30 and no one had showed up, at first I was confused, thinking "did I get the time wrong...?". Then I even got a bit "philosophical" - "Well, time passes, things change, and people move on..." - but the delay was pretty simple, really; they hadn't "moved on", and weren't being "fashionably late". They just all have kids.)

Anyway, after the initial "hiccup" of getting there ahead of everyone else, I had a wonderful time; it's a great group of people, they were very excited to see me and very happy/excited about my success, and it was a lovely reminder that, however alone/lonely I feel at times, I really do have people that care about me and are invested in my happiness and success.

And that's pretty cool.

So that's what I've done so far.

And I probably should let that be that for now, so I can give Jane back her computer (I meant to do this last night after I got home from the Peanut Barrel, when Mark and Jane were already in bed, but I'd forgotten to get Jane's password).

Looking forward to the rest of the week...!


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