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9:28 pm - Mon 11.24.2008
The \"Cool Beans\" Outcome

The "Cool Beans" Outcome

Taking a break from my busy schedule of Monday night tv watching (Terminator, Chuck, Heroes, and tonite, Boston Legal) to do this...

It's been an interesting day.

Had an appointment this morning with Dr Fermelia, the surgeon who'll be doing my hernia repair (At Cedars-Sinai).

No big news - basically, I have a hernia, and I can either choose to have it repaired, or choose to live with it (Though "living with it" will get progressively more uncomfortable as the hernia grows progressively larger, as unrepaired hernias tend to do) - but I did learn some things from our conversation:

a hernia is not a tear in the muscle wall, as many laymen (Like Yours Truly) think, but in the fascia (A fibrous layer of tissue that goes, if I remember correctly, from just under the ribcage to the groin).

A "strangulated hernia" is extremely rare (I'd asked if that was a possibility if I chose the "live with it" option...which I'm not going to choose anyway, cause I have insurance, and cause I'm already feeling pretty uncomfortable as things stand).

A hernia repair coming "undone" (And needing a second repair) is also very rare (Depending on the type of procedure, between 1-3%).

It seems like there were other "fun facts" about hernias to be gleaned from our conversation, but one fact I learned that wasn't so much fun was that, because of my abdominal surgery two years ago, I don't get to have the less-invasive (And thus less painful) laproscopic procedure.

But finding this out led to another fact that, while maybe common knowledge, was something else I didn't know - I assumed, after a hernia repair, you had to treat yourself gingerly for a time, in order to not "bust your stitches".

But that's not really the case; Doctor F. told me today that you really can't "bust your stitches"; it's all just about your "pain tolerance" (Basically, you can do whatever you're up for doing, pain-wise - The point is to get up and about again as soon as possible, and I'm down with that).

And I could go on about my hernia, but I'm starting to bore myself (Let's just say I was feeling a little blue afterwards)...

The big news came later, when I got a call from the wardrobe person for tomorrow's shoot - I was like, "Okay, so this means I've been okayed? Because, like, no one's called telling me that".

(I'd been okayed.)

If not for the issue of my forehead, the big story of this gig would have been that they wanted me to shave my mustache.

(JS actually thought that might be a deal-breaker for me.)

Talking with JS after wardrobe called, he said to make sure I double-checked with them about the mustache; wouldn't want to shave it off, then go in and find out they'd changed their minds.

So I called them back, and was told that, yes, they did want me to shave my mustache.

So I did.

A short time later, I get another call from the production.

They'd changed their minds about my mustache.


But the important thing is that I got the job!

Call time is 9:00 a.m., at a location here in LA. (I was excited about riding my bike there. But due to certain vagaries of the production, I'm going to have to drive).

And apparently - if we don't get rained out (In which case, the shoot is postponed till Monday) - I could be there for up to 12 hours.

(I can't even imagine what a 12-hour photo shoot is like...!)

Anyway, that's the news from here.

(And now, back to the tv...)


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