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12:16 am - Sat 8.15.2009
Bigger Better Things

Bigger, Better Things

Was supposed to have an audition on Thursday for The Forgotten, a new Bruckheimer-produced show for CBS.

Sadly, it ended up being canceled - they wrote out the part - but at least it got me to finally update my hard-copy resume, in addition to my online resumes on LA Casting, Actors Access, and Casting Frontier (SAG wouldn't let me update "IActor", because I'm not up-to-date on my dues - I still owe $187).

So anyway, now the world will know I've shot episodes of Mad Men and The Mentalist.

I keep hoping some magic number of credits, or some particular credit, is going to get me from "here" to "there" in my career.

But I don't know what that magic number is, or what particular credit will do the trick.

Even before I'd shot The Mentalist last Thursday, I was making myself crazy, wondering, "Is this recent run of success going to be the start of something, or just an 'oasis in the desert'?".

Cause I'm looking to book things, for sure, but I'm also looking for some "forward momentum". Because as cool as it is to actually book these things, I can't live on one or two co-star roles a year (Or nine or ten co-star roles a year, for that matter).

So I'm hoping these recent credits will matter, beyond being just "gigs" that put a little money in my pocket - It would be nice to think casting directors might be more "comfortable" bringing me in for network stuff because of Mentalist, or that the Mad Men credit might add some "class" to my resume, and be the thing that gets me a second look for bigger and better things.

It would be nice.

In spite of myself, and my best effort to "spin" things in a positive manner, I've been feeling a little down-hearted about "the ones that got away" during my recent "Audition-Palooza".

I'm thinking particularly of Eastwick, Three Rivers and the vampire movie, where I took the opportunities in the script and ran with them. I had a chance to act, and I acted my ass off.

They were easily the best auditions I've had here in LA. I was very happy with how I did, and it was clear the people watching were impressed as well.

But I didn't book them.

And that's just the way it goes - There are any number of reasons an actor books or doesn't book a role, and the quality of acting is just one factor.

I have to believe - and I do - that whatever the reason I didn't book those roles, I made an impression, and it won't be the last time I see those casting people.

So come on Folks! - I'm ready for bigger and better things...!


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